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Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
10 Thanksgiving Foods Your Dog or Cat Really Should Not Eat
6 HRS AGO - We look forward to Thanksgiving as the biggest and best meal of the year. Guests and family Expand
The Obscenity of Turkey Pardoning
10 HRS AGO - We just rescued two baby turkeys from a large industrial farm. They are inquisitive, smart, and Expand
Month of Compassion and Gratitude: Meet Robin and Wilma Jean
12 HRS AGO - Compassion Over Killing is celebrating November as a Month of Compassion and Gratitude! In the Expand
P.T. Barnum’s Hometown Bans Wild Animals in Circuses
2 DAYS AGO - The city of Bridgeport, Connecticut, hometown of The Greatest Showman's P.T. Barnum, has Expand
Episode 462: Michael Harren and Tracye McQuirter
2 DAYS AGO - Jasmin talks with Our Hen House's Michael Harren about the activism he participated in and Expand
USDA: Salmonella Outbreak “Might Be Widespread in the Turkey Industry”
3 DAYS AGO - In July, the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service announced a salmonella outbreak linked to raw Expand
5 rules for an incredible, cruelty-free holiday in Asia this winter
3 DAYS AGO - From bustling cities to dramatic mountains and white sand beaches, Asia has it all, but tourists Expand
Conservation Efforts are Paying off for Fin Whales, Gray Whales and Mountain Gorillas
4 DAYS AGO - While conservationists continue to sound the alarm for species moving closer to the brink of Expand
Activists Are Trying to Stop Another Cruel Coyote Killing Contest in Oregon
5 DAYS AGO - Wildlife and animal advocacy organizations are calling on officials in Oregon to shut down an Expand
Petco Becomes First Major Pet Store to Ban Products with Artificial Ingredients
7 HRS AGO - Petco, one of the largest pet store chains in the U.S., announced it will no longer sell food or Expand
Winter at Woodstock!
12 HRS AGO -   Celebrate the winter season with the rescued residents for one special day of tours at Expand
#20thAnniversary: Take a tour of the sanctuary which alerted the world to bear bile farming with founder Jill Robinson
22 HRS AGO - Jill Robinson takes you on a tour of Animals Asia’s China sanctuary, where hundreds of rescued Expand
Conference on Illegal Online Puppy Trade
2 DAYS AGO - I will moderate the first session of the conference “The Illegal Online Puppy Trade: towards a Expand
Nearly 170 Dogs Rescued from Horrific Iowa Puppy Mill
3 DAYS AGO - Dozens of dogs, mostly Samoyeds, were living in overcrowded, filthy cages exposed to sub-zero Expand
11 Fun Facts About Turkeys!
3 DAYS AGO - There are many things about turkeys that we don't think about, besides the fact that many of them Expand
How Zoo Animals, Mountain Lions, Llamas and a Giraffe Survived L.A. Wildfires
4 DAYS AGO - Animals, including those in captivity at the Los Angeles Zoo and a Malibu winery, have managed to Expand
Turkey Sales Plummet as Vegan Thanksgiving Options Expand
4 DAYS AGO - As sales are rising for vegan foods, the animal agriculture industry is feeling the pressure. Expand
Daily Cute: Happy Animals Have a Feast
5 DAYS AGO - A turtle, some bunnies and an iguana sit down for a feast, and a chicken friend joins them!
Daily Cute: So Close, Puppy!
8 HRS AGO - This puppy tries her best to leap over to her dog friend. She almost makes it. Don't give up, pup!
German Egg Producers Can Now Save Millions of Male Chicks From Cruel Deaths
12 HRS AGO - Every year, German hatcheries slaughter 45 million male chicks. They suffocate them or throw them Expand
#20thAnniversary: Take a tour of the sanctuary which alerted the world to bear bile farming with founder Jill Robinson
22 HRS AGO - Jill Robinson takes you on a tour of Animals Asia’s China sanctuary, where hundreds of rescued Expand
What Rescuing 2 Turkeys Taught Me About How to Change People’s Minds About These Animals
2 DAYS AGO - As the musician and animal rights activist Moby once said, “could you look an animal in its Expand
New Study Brings Hope for Tigers on the Brink
3 DAYS AGO - Tigers might be one of the world’s most iconic big cats, but they continue to face a number Expand
5 rules for an incredible, cruelty-free holiday in Asia this winter
3 DAYS AGO - From bustling cities to dramatic mountains and white sand beaches, Asia has it all, but tourists Expand
Daily Cute: Attack of the Puppy Swarm!
4 DAYS AGO - Swarms of things aren't normally very cute, but this baby in a cuddle puddle with a bunch of Expand
Science? Who needs it?
4 DAYS AGO - On 6th November, the recently ousted League Against Cruel Sports committee member and somewhat Expand

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Global Vegan Food Village at VegfestUK London 2018 serves up a feast of mouthwatering vegan street food

The breadth and depth of plant-based vegan food have come up leaps

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