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Outrage Grows Over Video of Shark Dragged Behind Speedboat
4 HRS AGO - Three men in Florida apparently thought it would be hilarious to tie a shark by its tail to their Expand
9 Animals Rescued From Zoo in War-Torn Aleppo
10 HRS AGO - Animal advocates are celebrating a successful rescue mission that saved lions, tigers, bears and Expand
Chimpanzees, Jane Goodall and me
20 HRS AGO - Born Free's Associate Director Conservation Africa, Liz Greengrass, reflects on her time working...
Daily Cute: British Shorthair Kittens Love Their New Toy
1 DAY AGO - These playful 5-week-old British shorthairs can't get enough of their new feather toy!
Trade study sets new baseline for monitoring US elephant ivory market
1 DAY AGO - Publication Date:  Jul 26 2017 Expand
NCAR Job Vacancy – Dog behaviorist role
1 DAY AGO - We have some exciting NEW Career Vacancies at NCAR at Present So if you wanted to apply then Expand
Senate Environment and Public Works Committee passes harmful anti-wildlife bill
1 DAY AGO - The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works passed the misnamed “Hunting Heritage Expand
Daily Cute: Baby Wild Boar Chows Down on Rice Pudding
2 DAYS AGO - Piggy the rescued wild boar is growing big and strong, thanks to his favorite snack!
Eight penguins killed by fox at Chessington World of Adventures
2 DAYS AGO - It's been reported that 8 Humboldt penguins were killed by a fox at Chessington World of Adventures
Daily Cute: Chow Chow Puppies Swarm Their Mom
6 HRS AGO - These Chow Chow puppies want all the attention they can get from mom!
Meet 4 Goats Who Are Volunteering Their Services to Solve an Environmental Problem and Help Wildlife
17 HRS AGO - Meet 4 Goats Who Are Volunteering Their Services to Solve an Environmental Problem and Help Expand
House approves $5M for equine-assisted therapy to aid veterans
23 HRS AGO - Last night, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an amendment to the defense appropriations Expand
Keeping Guinea Pigs cool in the summer – your top 12 guide
1 DAY AGO - The recent warm weather has been perfect for us, but some Guinea Pig’s have suffered. Guinea Pigs Expand
4 The Love of Animals
Shared by 4 The Love of Animals
‘Trained’ elephant kills handler in Zimbabwe
1 DAY AGO - Reports indicate a man has been killed by a captive elephant in Zimbabwe.
10 Reasons to Celebrate Sharks, Not Fear Them
2 DAYS AGO - It’s really not fair that sharks get such a bad rap. Here in the United States, we’re Expand
Legal rhino horn trade, not the answer for conservation
2 DAYS AGO - Dr. Joseph Okori Jul 26 2017 Expand
Wolf shot dead after escape from Cotswold Wildlife Park
2 DAYS AGO - Reports have emerged that a wolf was shot dead after escaping from its enclosure at Cotswold...
Google Going for Lower Carbon Footprint with Plant-Based Lunches
10 HRS AGO - Plant-based foods have already become a huge hit with Google employees. The company teamed up with Expand
What to Do If You See a Tick on Your Dog or Cat
17 HRS AGO - Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to Lyme disease, as well as other tick-borne ailments, such Expand
Undercover Video Exposes Cruelty to Puppies at High-End NYC Pet Store
1 DAY AGO - Puppies are irresistible, and thanks to pet stores across the nation if you see one you like, you Expand
BeCool: The Clam Review
1 DAY AGO - Here at Animal Friends, we are always on the look for new products to review. When we received The Expand
Animal Welfare Blog
Shared by Animal Friends
Animal Law Podcast #26: Jonathan Lovvorn and the Case Against Factory Farm Air Pollution
1 DAY AGO - Welcome to the 26th episode of the Animal Law Podcast! Mariann is joined by Jonathan Lovvorn, Expand
Victory! One of the Oldest Greyhound Tracks in the U.S. is Ditching Dog Racing
2 DAYS AGO - Animal advocates are celebrating another big win for greyhounds: live racing will soon be ending Expand
Are you living with a banned pet in a rented property?
2 DAYS AGO - If you’re living with a dog or cat in a rented property that clearly stated that no pets allowed, Expand
Animal Welfare Blog
Shared by Animal Friends

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VegfestUK Brighton 2018 dates confirmed - March 24th 25th 2018

2018 will be the 10th year running for VegfestUK Brighton, and 4th

Vegan superfest VegfestUK drew a massive crowd of around 9,400

VegfestUK Brighton returns on March 24th 25th 2018 at the same

VegfestUK Brighton 2017 Event Programme now available to view online

The programme consists of full list of stalls, caterers, speakers,

Robin S, Danny Rampling, Rozalla and Dub Pistols headline 15th annual vegan festival on Bristol Harbourside

Extra dollops of (vegan) formaggio as VegfestUK hosts "Show Me

UK Vegan Festivals Guide 2017 - available to view now online

This guide consists of comprehensive information on all UK vegan

Advance tickets for VegfestUK Brighton 2017 now on sale

Tickets available on BOGOF and BOGOHP for limited period only

Vegfest Scotland 2016 EVENT PROGRAMME now available to view online

Programme contains all info on talks, cookery demos, performances,

Glorious weekend at Olympia London with VegfestUK showcasing the best of veganism to around 13,500 visitors

Just under 15,000 people (13,500 visitors and 1,400 people working


The AQUAPAX team are hydrating visitors at VegfestUK London again

VegfestUK London 2016 EVENT PROGRAMME now available to view online

80 page programme with floor plan, stalls list, caterers, info on

Advance tickets for Vegfest Scotland 2016 now on sale

BOGOF and BOGOHP offers on advance tickets running for limited

Huge celebration of the best of veganism in VegfestUK Awards 2016

Altogether 16 categories with 10 nominees vying for top gong -

Advance tickets for VegfestUK London 2016 now on sale


Health and Fitness Education are proudly supporting at Vegfest is pumping iron naturally.

VegfestUK Bristol 2016 attracted 13,000 people despite rainfall

House, reggae and EDM mixes plus good food and company draw massive

Vegfest Scotland 2016 now open for stall bookings

Space available for 160 stalls & 13 caterers at 2nd year show at

EVENT PROGRAMME for VegfestUK Bristol 2016 available to view online

Tickets on BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE till the end of April - get

Northern Vegan Festival is back on April 23rd 2016

Event spread across 5 different venues in Manchester

VegfestUK London 2016 website now live for bookings

4th year show at Olympia London on Oct 22nd 23rd; stalls, marketing

Vegfest Scotland returns to the SECC on Dec 3rd 4th 2016

Website live for bookings later in 2016; 160 stalls available on

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