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Vegan Cartoon Superhero Wonderpig to promote vegan education outside Grillstock

Vegan Cartoon Superhero Wonderpig to promote vegan education outside Grillstock

| by Editor

Vegan cartoon superhero Wonderpig, a pink fluffy pig, is leading a peaceful demonstration at Grillstock in July (11th 12th, The Amphitheatre), with a few vegan friends, to try and help stem the flow of meat being BBQ’d at Grillstock.


For those of you new to Grillstock, here’s a short description of the festival from their website:

“Grillstock was born out a deep love for American BBQ and the culture that surrounds it.

“It’s about cooking meat with fire and smoke, chowing down together on a big table with family and friends, kicking back to great music. This led us to create our first Grillstock in Bristol back in 2010, a rowdy weekend festival of meat, music & mayhem where thousands of smokin’ fans now join us annually to enjoy our Southern style hospitality.

“Lots of folk got in touch wanting Grillstock in their lives all year round, and from that our first Smokehouse was born. We take big hunks of meat and smoke them low ‘n’ slow fresh on site every day. It can’t be rushed. The music is loud and the lighting low.
Since then we’ve opened two more Smokehouses, with more on the horizon and we have expanded our festivals to include the awesome city of Manchester.

“Come get some meat, music, mayhem”


Wonderpig doing a live DJ set at a recent local event, in the backdrop of fluorescent posters highlighting the dark sides of intensive livestock farming and growing global animal product consumption


Wonderpig’s agent Joe King explained “Wonderpig is fed up with seeing his brothers and sisters being maimed, tortured, killed and roasted, and then consumed, and is particularly upset that people in Bristol as well as Manchester and London actually make a whole festival out of it. Wonderpig will be handing out leaflets near the festival venue to encourage people to consider whether its ethically acceptable to treat living beings this way.’’


Wonderpig at the recent ‘Close Down all Slaughterhouses’ demo in Piccadilly Circus, London, on June 13th 2015


Wonderpig is also said to be very upset by the UK’s attempts to boycott the Dog eating festival in China whilst promoting their own flesh-eating festivals. Wonderpig added, “There is no moral difference between the Yulin dog eating festival in China, which has caused outrage across the globe, amidst calls to boycott and shut down the festival, with what is happening at Grillstock in 3 major cities in the UK. Animals are being tortured and murdered for food and people think this is something to celebrate. It’s not. Its vile, outdated and no longer acceptable.’’


And especially with Bristol celebrating its European Green Capital status in 2015, its seems even stranger that a festival celebrating the biggest cause of global emissions and destruction of the rainforests – Livestock farming – should be even allowed to happen in Bristol, let alone celebrated by tens of thousands of Bristolians.


Wonderpig doing charity collections for USA-based vegan outreach organisation A Well-Fed World recently


Wonderpig will be focusing on showing people how to go vegan and end the destruction of 70 billion animals killed for food each year. He will be joined by a few peaceful assistants handing out vegan flyers.


For more information about going vegan please visit, and 


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