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Over 700 people going vegan with another 2,400 moving towards veganism after VegfestUK Bristol 2015

Over 700 people going vegan with another 2,400 moving towards veganism after VegfestUK Bristol 2015

| by Editor


2015 has been a really exciting year for VegfestUK, with our earlier event in Brighton attracting 12,000 people, with 1,000 of them going vegan afterwards and 2,000 moving towards veganism, while over 90% of them are likely to return in 2016.


The good news doesn’t stop there. After another exhilarating event in Bristol visited by 14,000 people, we’ve been collating figures from our visitors survey at our HQ . We’ve interpolated our results from nearly 170 responses to our visitors survey (online and printed), and we’re glad to be able to announce that amongst our visitors, approximately:

  • 714 people are going vegan after the event,
  • 2,428 others are taking steps towards veganism,
  • over 4,350 people visited a VegfestUK event for the first time at Bristol 2015, and
  • nearly 12,000 people are likely to return to Bristol 2016


THANKYOU so much to our followers for your ongoing support – all of you have been amazing. Onwards and upwards for veganism too!



We make the assumption that, of the 14,000 visitors we had overall, 2,000 of them came on both days, hence making our sample size of individuals 12,000 people altogether. Full survey figures are at the bottom of this blog.


Newcomers to VegfestUK

From question 6, 

  • No. of new visitors to VegfestUK Bristol specifically = 12,000 x 45.83% = 5,500 approx.
  • and amongst these, the no. of visitors completely new to VegfestUK events = 12,000 x 36.31% = 4,357 approx.


Likelihood of returning to the event

From question 7, the proportion of people likely to come back next year is a total of 98.21%, which means approx 11,785 people are probably coming back!


On the Vegfest Express

According to question 8, 45.81% of our individuals hadn’t heard of this website, meaning we have potentially 12,000 x 45.81% = nearly 5,500 new visitors to the Vegfest Express from Bristol 2015 alone.


Dietary changes after the event

The breakdown of dietary habits before the event is as follows (see question 9 at the bottom):

  • Omnivores = 12,000 x 7% = 840
  • Vegetarians = 12,000 x 21% = 2,520
  • Vegans = 12,000 x 72% = 8,640


Amongst all those who ate meat and dairy before Bristol 2015 (see question 10 at the bottom):

  • No. of them going vegan afterwards = 840 x 25% = 210
  • No. of them moving towards vegan = 840 x 67% = 563 approx

and among those who were vegetarians beforehand (see question 17 at the bottom):

  • No. of them going vegan afterwards = 2,520 x 20% = 504
  • No. of them moving towards vegan = 2,520 x 74% = 1,865 approx


These figures suggest that amongst all individuals at Bristol 2015:

  • No. of people going vegan afterwards = 714
  • No. of people moving towards vegan = 2,428



*** Sample size is taken to be 10,000 individuals ***

1) How did you find out about the event?

Been here before 49.40%
Facebook 33.33%
Word of mouth 13.10%
Read about the event online 9.52%
Twitter 7.14%
Flyers 5.95%
Posters 4.76%
Emails 4.76%
Saw advert in magazines 2.98%
Programme 1.79%
Read article in magazines 0.60%
Other 2.38%


2) Why did you come to this event?

Support the Vegan Movement 58.93%
Food 55.36%
Shopping 31.55%
Meet like-minded people 26.19%
Free Samples 25.00%
Attend talks and demos 22.62%
Music 14.29%
Find out more about veganism 11.31%
Some of my friends were going 6.55%
Family activities 2.98%
Other 8.93%


3) What are your favourite part(s) of the event?

Food 72.02%
Stalls 62.50%
Free Samples 36.31%
Talks 23.21%
Special offers 19.64%
DJ’s and Recorded Music 19.64%
Cookery Demos 10.12%
Kids Activities 6.55%
Acoustic Performances 3.57%
LifeWell Hub 2.38%
Other 7.14%


4) Where are you based currently?

South West England 60.71%
Wales 12.50%
South East England 5.95%
West Midlands 5.36%
South England 2.98%
London 2.38%
North West England 2.38%
East Midlands 1.79%
North East England 1.79%
Scotland 1.79%
Ireland 1.19%
East Anglia 0.60%
Rest of the world 0.60%


5) Which age group do you belong to?

26-35 32.14%
36-45 25.00%
46-55 17.26%
16-25 13.10%
56-65 10.71%
Over 65 1.19%
Below 16 0.60%


6) Is this the first time you’ve been to VegfestUK Bristol?

Yes – first time I’ve been to any VegfestUK events 36.31%
No – been to Bristol 2014 27.98%
No – been to Bristol and another VegfestUK event 19.64%
Yes – but have been to other VegfestUK events 9.52%
No – I come to all your events 6.55%


7) Would you consider coming back to VegfestUK Bristol?

Yes – definitely 79.17%
Yes – very likely 10.71%
Yes – fairly likely but not sure 8.33%
No – no chance 1.19%
No – unlikely 0.60%


8) Have you heard of our new free 24-hour breaking vegan news website the Vegfest Express before the event?

No, haven’t heard of it 45.81%
Yes, but we haven’t looked at it 25.81%
Yes, like the look of it 12.90%
Yes, love it 12.26%
Yes, but didn’t like it 3.23%


9) Before coming to VegfestUK Bristol, would you describe yourself as:

Vegan 71.43%
Vegetarian 21.43%
Omnivore (eats meat and dairy) 7.14%



10) After going to VegfestUK Bristol, which of the following options would you consider?

Reducing your meat 58.33%
Going vegan 25.00%
Going vegetarian 8.33%
Doing nothing 8.33%
Reducing your dairy 0.00%


11) If you’re considering changing your diet, which of the following reasons would be the closest descriptions?

I’m concerned about the environmental impact of eating meat and dairy 66.67%
I’m looking to improve my health 41.67%
I don’t want to inflict harm on other living creatures 41.67%
I’m concerned about people going hungry  41.67%
My partner/family is doing the same 0.00%


12) How easy do you think it is to go vegan / veggie / reduce your meat and dairy?

Not too hard – but not straightforward 50.00%
Easy 16.67%
Difficult 16.67%
Very easy 8.33%
Nearly impossible 8.33%


13) Which of the following do you think is the hardest in going vegan / veggie / reducing your meat and dairy?

I really am addicted to my favourite animal products and haven’t found a satisfactory substitute 41.67%
I don’t think I’ll be able to access vegan food regularly 41.67%
I think vegan food is going to be expensive 33.33%
I’m concerned about the social implications especially when eating out – I don’t want to stand out from the crowd 8.33%
I’m not sure I can put up with the attitude from my partner / family / colleagues  8.33%


14) Which of the following do you think is the easiest about going vegan / veggie / reducing your meat and dairy?

I really like the taste of vegan foods and they’re easily accessible these days 36.36%
Vegan / vegetarian food is generally cheaper 27.27%
I’m committed to being vegan / vegetarian / reducing my meat and dairy on an ethical level 18.18%
My friends / family / colleagues are doing the same  18.18%
I feel the benefits on a health level   18.18%


15) Which meat / dairy products would you find hardest to live without?

Cheese 77.78%
Cakes / Biscuits / Chocolates 44.44%
Roast dinner / steak  22.22%
Takeaways 22.22%
Bacon / Sausages  11.11%


16) How would you describe your experience at VegfestUK Bristol?

Super positive – really impressed 50.00%
Very positive – very nice people, products, food etc.  41.67%
Generally positive but a little bit scary 8.33%
Not that great but some of it was good 0.00%
Most unpleasant – really didn’t enjoy it at all 0.00%



17) After going to VegfestUK Bristol, are you considering changing your diet?

Yes, I’m going to reduce my dairy intake and look for vegan alternatives 51.43%
Yes, but only one or two minor changes here and there, nothing dramatic 22.86%
Yes, I’m looking to go vegan 20.00%
No, unlikely to change my diet at the moment 5.71%
Definitely not 0.00%


18) If you’re going vegan, or reducing your dairy intake, how easy do you think it would be to replace dairy?

Easy for most things, maybe one or two not so easy 40.63%
Moderately easy but struggling with a few items 34.38%
Very easy 12.50%
Looking quite hard, not looking forward to it but going to do my best 12.50%
Looking almost impossible 0.00%


19) If you’re going vegan, or reducing your dairy intake, which dairy products are the hardest for you to give up / reduce / replace?

Cheese 68.75%
Cakes / Chocolates / Biscuits 28.13%
Milk 21.88%
Butter 12.50%
Yoghurts 12.50%
Ice Cream 9.38%


20) If you’re not going vegan or not reducing your dairy intake, which of the following reasons applies?

I’m a cheese addict 57.14%
I like milk in my tea 42.86%
I’m not impressed with the vegan dairy-free substitutes 21.43%
I love dairy products all round 14.29%
I can’t be fussed with reading labels all the time 14.29%
I adore butter 7.14%



21) What is your biggest reason for being vegan?

I don’t want to inflict harm on other living creatures 90.68%
I’m concerned about the environmental impact of eating meat and dairy 25.42%
Vegan diets are good for my health 22.03%
I’m concerned about people going hungry, and I think that vegan diets are better for sustainable global food production 13.56%
My partner / family is doing the same 0.85%


22) When you went vegan, which of the following describes best your vegan journey?

Went veggie first then vegan 77.88%
Overnight / from eating meat and dairy to 100% vegan 15.04%
I tried going vegan more than once – struggled but got there in the end 8.85%
I really struggled with going vegan and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to manage it 0.88%
I was born into it 0.00%


23) What’s your favourite vegan food?

Raw food / salads 30.51%
Vegan Cakes 26.27%
Fake meat 21.19%
Vegan smoothies 19.49%
Vegan cheese / yoghurt alternatives 17.80%
Vegan Chocolates 13.56%
Nut / soya milk 11.02%
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