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Pig Floyd performs outside Grillstock Festival in Bristol in a peaceful vegan rock n roll protest

Pig Floyd performs outside Grillstock Festival in Bristol in a peaceful vegan rock n roll protest

| by Editor | Posted in Vlog

Visitors to Grillstock, the well-known BBQ based festival in Bristol, were greeted with the unusual sight (and sound) of a pink fluffy pig playing electric guitar whilst his human colleagues handed out vegan flyers and held go vegan signs aloft. Grillstock essentially celebrates good music,  good times and a lot of BBQ’d pigs and cows and is a sell-out show in 3 cities in the UK, and growing. So why the pink fluffy electric guitar playing pig?



Agent Joe King, who looks after both Wonderpig and his cousin Pig Floyd, explained further...’Wonderpig is a pink fluffy vegan cartoon superhero pig and was originally booked to appear outside the gates of Grillstock, in protest at the 70 billion land animals killed for food every year on the planet. However, due to last minute change of plan, Wonderpig was unable to attend. Fortunately Wonderpig’s cousin Pig Freud was able to step into the pigs trotters and fill the spot.’



‘Pig Floyd was amazing,’ continued Joe King....  ‘he is visually challenged and his hoofs do affect his fret work, but he is an accomplished and professional performer, and he did the spirit of Woodstock and all peaceful festivals justice. His hour-long performance on the environs around Grillstock was witnessed by thousands of incredulous humans, amazed at how well a pig could play guitar. Pigs are intelligent creatures and really we shouldn’t be holding a festival in honour of killing and BBQ’ing them and the poor cows too.’



Mr King added, ‘It’s important to remember too that exploitation of animals is not confined to one or two countries. The recent protests against the Chinese Yulin Dog Festival, and the Korean dog soup festival, and the whale killings in the Faroe Islands have unleashed a wave of abuse towards these people. But all countries exploit animals as a matter of course, and Wonderpig and Pig Floyd wished to remind everyone that this country and indeed the city of Bristol is not without its extreme exploitation of animals, to the extent we even have a festival celebrating the death and torture of pigs and cows. And it’s not just the eating of dogs that is repulsive, but all animal consumption is disturbing for Wonderpig. Whilst wishing no ill toward the festival goers or indeed the organisers at Grillstock, nevertheless Wonderpig is calling on all citizens of the globe to go vegan and end animal ownership and exploitation.’



Wonderpig and Pig Floyd suggest that everyone takes the 30 day vegan challenge at the very minimum, on health,  environmental and ethical grounds, and asks anyone to contact The Vegan Society, Viva!, Animal Aid or Veganuary for more information about going vegan, or visit their local vegan event.


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