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VegfestUK London 2015 Visitors Survey Results

VegfestUK London 2015 Visitors Survey Results

| by Editor

Big thanks to everyone who has completed our recent visitors survey on their experiences at VegfestUK London 2015. We have received altogether 344 feedback forms either online or at the event.



There were altogether 12,000 visitors at the event over both days. Based on a combination of experience from previous shows as well as anecdotal evidence, we estimate that 2,000 of these people visited VegfestUK London on both Saturday and Sunday, leaving actually 10,000 distinct individuals at the event.

Inferring from the percentages obtained from our survey based on this sample size of 10,000 individuals, we’ve made a few deductions on these aspects:


New VegfestUK Visitors

Over 46% of our visitors were completely new to VegfestUK – that means we’ve gained over 4,600 visitors from VegfestUK London 2015!


Those returning to VegfestUK London next year

Over 90% of these individuals said they would return to VegfestUK London in 2016! This corresponds to over 9,000 repeat visitors at Olympia London in 2016.


Possible new followers of the Vegfest Express

Over 65% hadn’t heard of the Vegfest Express before London 2015 – so there’re potentially over 6,500 visitors to the event who are new to our breaking vegan news website!


Number of those who were not vegan before the event

Roughly 27% were not vegan before the event – so our inference translates this to approximately 2,700 people who ate animal products before London 2015.

From the percentages gathered in this question,

  • roughly 21% (which translates to 2,100 individuals) were veggie before the event, and
  • approx 6% (corresponding to approx 600 individuals) were meat-eaters before the show.


How many people are looking to change their diets after the show?

Results to question 10 indicate that, of the 6% of all individuals at the event who were meat-eaters beforehand:

  • very encouragingly, ALL of them indicated that they’d make some changes to their diet 
  • roughly 17% of these meat-eaters decided to go vegan after the event – so a total of 10,000 x 6% x 17% = 102 meat-eaters decided to become vegans!


Results to question 17 (corresponding question for veggies) show that, of the 21% individuals who were veggies before London 2015:

  • very encouragingly, ALL of them indicated that they’d make some changes to their diet 
  • roughly 30% decided to go vegan – this translates to 10,000 x 21% x 30% = 630 new vegans from this group.


On combining these two sets of results from the meat-eating and veggie groups before the event:

  • All of the approx 2,700 people who were not vegan beforehand decided to move towards a vegan diet
  • 732 people decided to go vegan after the event


Big thanks to all our survey respondents who have left us some valuable feedback on enhancing the event further. We really value your comments in our efforts to make the event even better next year.

See our recent response to criticisms from the event here


Below is a full breakdown for all the questions we asked in this survey – enjoy!



Survey results from 344 responses altogether

1) How did you find out about the event?

Been here before 38.37%
Facebook 37.50%
Word of mouth 16.28%
Read about the event online 9.30%
Twitter 4.94%
Flyers 4.36%
Saw adverts in magazines 3.20%
Posters 2.91%
Emails 2.62%
Read article in magazines 1.45%
Programme 0.29%
Other 4.36%


2) Why did you come to this event?

Support the Vegan Movement 59.30%
Food 58.43%
Shopping 43.60%
Free Samples 26.16%
Attend talks and demos 25.00%
Meet like minded people 25.00%
Want to find out more about going vegan 15.70%
Some of my friends were going 10.76%
For the Activists Summit (Sunday) 9.88%
Meet celebrity guests 5.81%
For the Health Summit (Saturday) 4.94%
Family activities 2.33%
Other 5.23%


3) What are your favourite part(s) of the event?

Stalls 74.71%
Food 71.51%
Free Samples 52.03%
Talks 36.92%
Special Offers 31.98%
Activists Summit (Sunday) 16.86%
Cookery Demos 12.21%
Health Summit (Saturday) 10.17%
Cinema 8.43%
Music 5.81%
Comedy 5.23%
Teen VGN Zone 2.91%
Kids Activities 2.33%
Mature Zone 0.87%


4) Where are you based currently?

London 38.66%
South East England 24.71%
South England 7.27%
East Anglia 7.27%
South West England 6.10%
West Midlands 2.91%
North East England 2.62%
East Midlands 2.62%
North West England 2.33%
Wales 1.16%
Ireland 1.16%
Europe 1.16%
Scotland 0.87%
Rest of the World 1.16%


5) Which age group do you belong to?

26-35 30.23%
36-45 24.42%
16-25 19.19%
46-55 17.73%
56-65 4.65%
Below 16 2.33%
Over 65 1.45%


6) Is this the first time you’ve been to VegfestUK London?

Yes – first time I’ve been to any VegfestUK events 46.22%
No – been to London 2014 19.19%
No – been to London and another VegfestUK event 17.44%
Yes – but have been to other VegfestUK events 13.37%
No – I come to all your events 3.78%


7) Would you consider coming back to VegfestUK London?

Yes – definitely 56.10%
Yes – very likely 17.44%
Yes – fairly likely but not sure 16.57%
No – unlikely 7.56%
No – no chance 2.33%


8) Have you heard of our new free 24-hour breaking vegan news website the Vegfest Express before the event?

No, haven’t heard of it 65.23%
Yes, but we haven’t looked at it 15.69%
Yes, like the look of it 9.54%
Yes, love it 5.54%
Yes, but didn’t like it 4.00%


9) Before coming to VegfestUK London 2015, would you describe yourself as:

Vegan 72.97%
Vegetarian 21.51%
Omnivore (eats meat and dairy) 5.52%



10) After going to VegfestUK London 2015, which of the following options would you consider?

Reducing your meat 50.00%
Going vegetarian 22.22%
Going vegan 16.67%
Reducing your dairy 11.11%
Doing none of these / staying the same 0.00%


11) If you’re considering changing your diet, which of the following reasons would be the closest descriptions?

I’m looking to improve my health 58.82%
I don’t want to inflict harm on other living creatures 29.41%
I’m concerned about the environmental impact of eating meat and dairy 17.65%
My partner/family is doing the same 17.65%
I’m concerned about people going hungry  5.88%


12) How easy do you think it is to go vegan / veggie / reduce your meat and dairy?

Not too hard – but not straightforward 66.67%
Very easy 11.11%
Easy 11.11%
Difficult 11.11%
Nearly impossible 0.00%


13) Which of the following do you think is the hardest in going vegan / veggie / reducing your meat and dairy?

I really am addicted to my favourite animal products and haven’t found a satisfactory substitute 42.86%
I think vegan food is going to be expensive 28.57%
I don’t think I’ll be able to access vegan food regularly 28.57%
I’m concerned about the social implications especially when eating out – I don’t want to stand out from the crowd 21.43%
I’m not sure I can put up with the attitude from my partner / family / colleagues 7.14%


14) Which of the following do you think is the easiest about going vegan / veggie / reducing your meat and dairy?

I really like the taste of vegan foods and they’re easily accessible these days 50.00%
I’m committed to being vegan / vegetarian / reducing my meat and dairy on an ethical level 31.25%
I feel the benefits on a health level 31.25%
Vegan / vegetarian food is generally cheaper 6.25%
My friends / family / colleagues are doing the same 6.25%


15) Which meat / dairy products would you find hardest to live without?

Cheese 42.86%
Takeaways 28.57%
Cakes / Biscuits / Chocolates 21.43%
Roast Dinner / Steak 21.43%
Bacon / Sausages 14.29%


16) How would you describe your experience at VegfestUK London 2015?

Very positive – very nice people, products, food etc. 43.75%
Super positive – really impressed 25.00%
Generally positive but a little bit scary 18.75%
Not that great but some of it was good 6.25%
Most unpleasant – really didn’t enjoy it at all 6.25%



17) After going to VegfestUK London 2015, are you considering changing your diet?

Yes, I’m going to reduce my dairy intake and look for vegan alternatives 36.49%
Yes, I’m looking to go vegan 29.73%
No, unlikely to change my diet at the moment 18.92%
Yes, but only one or two minor changes here and there, nothing dramatic 14.86%
Definitely not 0.00%


18) If you’re going vegan, or reducing your dairy intake, how easy do you think it would be to replace dairy?

Easy for most things, maybe one or two not so easy 43.94%
Moderately easy but struggling with a few items 28.79%
Very easy 15.15%
Looking quite hard, not looking forward to it but going to do my best 10.61%
Looking almost impossible 1.52%


19) If you’re going vegan, or reducing your dairy intake, which dairy products are the hardest for you to give up / reduce / replace?

Cheese 70.97%
Cakes / Chocolates / Biscuits 32.26%
Milk 16.13%
Yoghurts 11.29%
Butter 9.68%
Ice Cream 6.45%


20) If you’re not going vegan or not reducing your dairy intake, which of the following reasons applies?

I love dairy products all round 30.77%
I’m a cheese addict 26.92%
I’m not impressed with the vegan dairy-free substitutes 23.08%
I like milk in my tea 19.23%
I can’t be fussed with reading labels all the time 7.69%
I adore butter 3.85%



21) What is your biggest reason for being vegan?

I don’t want to inflict harm on other living creatures 92.21%
I’m concerned about the environmental impact of eating meat and dairy 25.00%
Vegan diets are good for my health 21.72%
I’m concerned about people going hungry, and I think that vegan diets are better for sustainable global food production 13.93%
My partner / family is doing the same 2.05%


22) When you went vegan, which of the following describes best your vegan journey?

Went veggie first then vegan 76.45%
Overnight / from eating meat and dairy to 100% vegan 15.70%
I tried going vegan more than once – struggled but got there in the end 8.68%
I was born into it 0.41%
I really struggled with going vegan and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to manage it 0.00%
I gave up 0.00%


23) What’s your favourite vegan food?

Vegan Cakes 35.00%
Raw food / salads 30.00%
Vegan smoothies 26.82%
Nut / soya milk 24.55%
Vegan cheese / yoghurt alternatives 21.36%
Vegan Chocolates 20.91%
Fake Meat 16.36%
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