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The FxEctive Factor latest - Jan 20th 2016

The FxEctive Factor latest - Jan 20th 2016

| by Editor | Posted in Vlog

We’re entering the final week for applications to perform at the brand-new the FxEctive Factor at VefestUK Brighton on the Saturday February 27th 2016, and places are nearly fully filled!


The FxEctive Factor provides vegan musicians and activists a marvellous platform to showcase their talent in creative peaceful vegan education in front of a panel of judges.


Here’s a quick roundup of the contestants we’ve got:

MUSIC (12:00-1:45pm)

Ian Haywood


Jack Dean

(note: parental advisory content in video below)


Möbius Loop


One Man and His Beard


ACTIVISM (2:00-3:45pm, 15 mins slots):

Ruth Hawe

Author of vegan novel “Holy Cow”


Vegan Geezer

Vegan Youtuber – Spreading veganism through making Youtube videos

Is your passion for veganism too strong to contain? Do you find your persistent voice for veganism isn’t being heard? With YouTube you can be heard. You carry the most important message of veganism, if you have the voice to share it, what are you waiting for?

Check out Vegan Geezer’s Christmas poem video below: 


Caitlin Galer-Unti

Author of the Essential Vegan Travel Guide 



Producers of vegan T-shirts

Wear it with pride, wear it with colour! Vegan! Available online next week: 󾬔󾀾🌍

Posted by Vegorium - The Vegan Emporium on Sunday, 6 December 2015


Dean Bracher

A vegan education campaigner for 8 years with numerous avenues of educational knowledge and a passion to inspire others about veganism and general rights. It's my life goal to bring about a better world than I found and do this through vegan education and work with those that share my goals and have an interest in rights and there positive use in society.


Robb Masters

London Vegan Meetup is believed to be the largest vegan social group in the world, and has become a valuable community for local vegans. But is it effective vegan activism too? Who does it help to go (or stay) vegan? And what else can it do to further the vegan message? 


Aisha Eveleigh

Aisha from Food For Thought Ceramics strives to reveal the untold truth regarding animal agriculture using powerful hard-hitting artwork. 

The more people are aware of the affects of animal agriculture, the closer we are to becoming a more conscious engaged society whose actions benefit the environment, the animals as well as human health. 


We’ve got some amazing judges on board already for each section!

For the Music section, we’ve got vegan comedian Jake Yapp, the lovely presenter Anneka Svenska, and vegan male model Alex Walker.

For the Activism section, we’ve got vegan athlete Tim Shieff, Dr. Casey Taft (Vegan Publishers),  and vegan author Dr. Will Tuttle (the World Peace Diet).


Deadline for application of slots is extended to Sunday January 24th 2016. To apply for slots, please email 

Check out other parts of VegfestUK Brighton 2016 at


Advance tickets to VegfestUK Brighton 2016 are now on sale at:

BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE till January 31st 2016

Help be the change for your friends in 2016. Buy a ticket to @VegfestUK Brighton 2016 on Feb 27th 28th 2016....and...

Posted by VegfestUK on Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Join the Facebook event page here:

Massive 2 day vegan event coming to Brighton next February - join the facebook event page here and invite friends and share with pals

Posted by VegfestUK on Wednesday, 16 December 2015
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