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VegfestUK organisers: IT'S TIME FOR JUSTICE

VegfestUK organisers: IT'S TIME FOR JUSTICE

| by Editor

VegfestUK organisers today called for justice for all animals as well as people and the planet, and are asking everyone to go vegan as the least we can do for animals.



'Going vegan is great for your health, great for the environment and great for sustainable global food production - but first and foremost it's about justice. Using animals as resources to satisfy human desires cannot be considered as fair – especially when 99.9% of our animal use is for trivial reasons. We kill 60 billion land animals and over 1 trillion sea animals every year worldwide just because they taste good and it's a matter of tradition or habit, neither of which qualifies as morally good reasons at all.



Most of us already agree on the moral principle that it's wrong to derive pleasure and convenience out of the suffering and death of others. We have little problem with applying this to humans, and also to our companion animals such as dogs, cats and horses. We grieve when they suffer or die, and we get absolutely outraged when these animals are abused or tortured. But we conveniently ditch our moral principle with food animals like cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, lambs, fish, ducks and others. Why is it so when these animals are capable of feelings and desires just like our companion animals, and food animals suffer and die for our pleasure and convenience in literally every second of their existence?



'Most of us already agree with justice. We ask for free speech, we ask for everyone to have the right to vote and the right to drive vehicles. We are against slavery but we have no problems with enslaving animals to be tortured and killed for food. Moreover, we cycle disproportionate amounts of perfectly edible plant foods through animals to produce our meat, dairy and eggs - on average, it takes around 10 times as much plants to produce animal-based foods than it takes for us to eat the plants directly. Hunger and starvation arise in developing countries as plant feed in these places is shipped to Western countries to feed their livestock to be raised for food. Plus, animal agriculture is an ecological disaster, with global warming, soil erosion, habitat destruction, deforestation, species extinction, air and water pollution, all exacerbated by farming animals for food. Where is the justice in all this?


'If we truly want justice, we have to stop exploiting anyone, including human and non-human animals. That means we stop eating, wearing or using any animals. Veganism is then the only rational response.



'The excellent news for us is that veganism is easy and fun these days. VegfestUK Brighton – taking place on February 27th 28th at the Brighton Centre – will show you how amazingly feasible it is to go vegan, then live vegan, stay vegan and teach vegan to others. You'll find a stunning combination of amazing vegan food, creative vegan education, uplifting entertainment plus lots of socialising and networking opportunities with like-minded people. Who says being vegan needs to be difficult? 



Advance tickets to the event are £7 a day and £10 for the weekend (plus small booking fees), with BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE offers running till January 31st 2016. Get your tickets now at Kids under 16 FREE. 

Visit VegfestUK’s other events in Bristol, London and Scotland too – check out every major vegan festival in the UK at 

Last but not least, stay tuned to the latest vegan news around the globe at 

For answers to FAQ’s about going vegan, visit 



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