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12 Frightening Facts about Dairy

12 Frightening Facts about Dairy

| by Dave Sheahan

In this Blogpost I want to highlight various reasons why Dairy is so bad for all humans.  Once we reach the age of 2 we no longer produce the enzymes rennin and lactase which are required to break down breast milk.  So breastfeeding stops at 2 years of age but usually much earlier with the introduction of formulas instead.  Therefore the fact is that we are not designed to consume human milk after 2 years of age.  So why do the majority of the world feel ok about breastfeeding from other mammals all the way through their lives?  The human digestive system is not designed to consume the milk of other mammals which is solely produced for the reason of nourishing their own kind in those important early years of life.  



Unfortunately the media and food industry have conditioned everyone to believe that milk is good for our overall health and bone health with it being an important source of calcium and protein.  This is all lies as the truth is that dairy products leech calcium from our bones thus making them weaker often contributing to the various bone diseases.  Dairy products are supposedly crucial to our health yet enough research has now proven conclusively that dairy products are a major contributor, and often cause, of most of the diseases and ailments that impact the lives of millions around the globe.  


Below are 12 frightening facts about dairy which is an excerpt of a article I found online on the website of T. Colin Campbell, author “The China Study”.   Not surprisingly Cancer features prominently.


1. In observational studies both across countries and within single populations, higher dairy intake has been linked to increased risk of prostate cancer

2. Observational cohort studies have shown higher dairy intake is linked to higher ovarian cancer risk

3. Cow’s milk protein may play a role in triggering type 1 diabetes through a process called molecular mimicry

4. Across countries, populations that consume more dairy have higher rates of multiple sclerosis

5. In interventional animal experiments and human studies, dairy protein has been shown to increase IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) levels. Increased levels of IGF-1 has now been implicated in several cancers

6. In interventional animal experiments and human experiments, dairy protein has been shown to promote increased cholesterol levels (in the human studies and animal studies) and atherosclerosis (in the animal studies).

7. The primary milk protein (casein) promotes cancer initiated by a carcinogen in experimental animal studies

8. D-galactose has been found to be pro-inflammatory and actually is given to create animal models of aging

9. Higher milk intake is linked to acne

10. Milk intake has been implicated in constipation and ear infections

11. Milk is perhaps the most common self-reported food allergen in the world

12. Much of the world’s population cannot adequately digest milk due to lactose intolerance.


You can read the full article at 



So as you can see from the 12 frightening facts above there is a direct link between dairy consumption and degenerative diseases especially cancer.  Educating the masses about such information is important and everyone needs to realise why dairy products is bad for you.


Please feel free to place your comments and questions below in the comments section. Let us know if you agree with what I have shared in the blogpost about the food industry and in particular dairy industry.

Don’t miss my talk at VegfestUK Bristol on the same topic, on Saturday May 21st, from 3:00 – 3:45pm, in the Nutrition/Health talks tent.

Remember whatever your reason

Go Vegan Grow



Dave Sheahan

Plant Based Triathlete & Founder "Go Vegan Grow"



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