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Why A Plant Based Diet Is Great For Body Transformation

Why A Plant Based Diet Is Great For Body Transformation

| by Dave Sheahan | Posted in Vlog

In this Blogpost I want to highlight why adopting a plant based diet is the ideal diet for body transformation.   If your goal is to strip fat or gain lean muscle there is no more effective diet.  But you may ask -  aren´t there thousands of successful body transformations on a meat based diet? This is true however while aesthetically these individuals look lean and muscular they have created a super toxic environment (their body) due to all the animal protein, dairy, whey and other synthetic supplements they have consumed.  This can only lead to negative health long term.  On the flip side following a plant based diet not only gives you a successful body transformation but also makes it easy to maintain your new shape and allows you experience optimal health longterm.  So why does a plant based diet strip fat and build muscle faster than a meat based diet? Let me explain.


PRESS PLAY on the following video to hear my thoughts on this topic:


Losing fat and gaining muscle is directly related to the type of food you are consuming.  As they say you are what you eat.  For many who are desperately trying to get in shape for years their failure is mainly due to their consumption of animal protein, dairy and synthetic supplements.  Animal protein is full of saturated fat and the more fat you consume the higher the likelihood you will gain fat as fat contains 9 calories per gram vs 4 for carbohydrates and protein.  And when it is the bad fat that is consumed the impact is worse.  Then let´s look at dairy products.  Cow´s milk is for the purpose of getting a calf from a few hundred pounds at birth to up to 10 times that weight within 6 to 12 months.  Humans by consuming dairy are causing weight gain.  Also it is mucus forming and highly acidic so this creates a toxic environment in the body and also stops the good stuff getting in and the bad stuff getting out.  So this causes fat storage.   Now let´s look at synthetic supplements.  Our bodies are not designed to digest such products and thus can´t break them down so we either pass it out throw excretion or a lot of it remains as toxic material in the body which again has negative impact.  All of these create an acidic environment in the body and resulting inflammation.  Inflammation is the reason for most fat on the body. Therefore adopting a more alkaline plant based vegan diet will see you lose fat fast within a couple of weeks.


So what about performance and recovery when attempting to transform your body?  Plant based foods are full on energy and good nutrition which is why vegans following a wholefood diet feel so energetic and alert all the time.  Consuming lots of green foods (broccoli, kale, spinach, cucumber etc) means that you are consuming lots of chlorophyll which is the most important nutrient for our bodies to recover from training and thus achieve the fastest results.  So what this all means is that by adopting a plant based vegan diet you will create a less acidic inflammed body that stores fat and instead you will create a more alkaline body that strips fat fast due to reduced inflammation as well as building lean muscle faster with the increased chlorophyll as well as all the great nutrients one consumes on a wholefood plant based lifestyle.



Before 2012 I was highly dubious of adopting plant based nutrition with my concern as to whether vegans can lose fat, build lean muscle and experience positive athletic performance.  However after a few months on plant based nutrition I experienced not only similar results to my typical meat/dairy/whey based diet but better results and faster recovery and overall I felt better, healthier and more energetic.  Going vegan will instantly see you lose belly fat.  It will see you build muscle faster,  Your sports performance and recovery will improve.  Such phenomenal results contradict popular belief re plant based nutrition and vegan body transformation possibility.


Why go vegan?  This is yet just another one of many reasons to go vegan.


For some incredible vegan body transformations and athletes check out   


So as you can see from what I have shared with you above that adopting a plant based lifestyle is the right choice to not just transform your body but for long term optimal health.


Please feel free to place your comments and questions below in the comments section. Let us know if you agree with what I have shared in this blogpost.  Maybe you have experienced something similar yourself?


Remember whatever your reason

Go Vegan Grow



Dave Sheahan

Plant Based Triathlete & Founder "Go Vegan Grow"

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