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INTERVIEW with raw food chef and author Judy Barber

INTERVIEW with raw food chef and author Judy Barber

| by Editor

In this series of blogs, we will be interviewing all our speakers at the upcoming VegfestUK London on October 22nd 23rd 2016 at Olympia London, asking each of them a number of questions surrounding their work and other related topics.


Today we have Judy Barber, author of Good Raw Food Recipes, Hippocrates Health Educator and owner of the raw food info website 



What's your current main project?

Currently I’m focussing on events, two retreats next year with Max Tuck,, various presentations and a candle-lit raw meal.  

I’m also busy shaping up and completing my book on natural wellness. It’s taking ages because I keep learning but it will be a simple book, not an encyclopaedia! 

And I’m getting the word out about my recipe book, Good Raw Food Recipes, It’s full of seriously healthy food and juices that taste delicious. Most recipes are quick and simple, with some more complex ones for playing in the kitchen and for special occasions. There’s plenty of detail about ingredients and equipment in case all this is new. 



Have you had anything published recently (or recorded)?

Apart from my occasional newsletter, ‘Something Good’, which has thoughts about food and life, recipes and events, I haven’t published anything recently but there is a video project over the horizon.



Anything you're particularly interested in or concerned with at the moment?

Something I’m really interested in right now is older people’s health. Some American Indian elders sit in circles with fires at the centre for the children and the young people. They decide tribal matters, always with the wellbeing of the next seven generations in mind. In our times many die early from serious illnesses such as cancer or spend their last years blank with brain disease. If too many elders are missing from the ‘circles’ of modern life, is it going to be harder for young people? How can they nurture and include ‘elders’ so they can offer their harvested wisdom and be blessings rather than burdens? Recently I saw a video of an old people’s home in Amsterdam where young people could live free of charge and bring their vitality. Everyone benefitted.


Which other vegan activists are currently interesting you the most?

The vegan activists who interest me most personally are promoting natural wellness including organic plant-based nutrition. These people recognise that while modern pharmaceutical medicine and surgery may be essential last resorts people need to stay in charge of their health through healthy vegan food and life styles, with less reliance on chemical drugs, procedures and surgical steel, and no need for factory farmed animals. What they do is activism as they are outside the lobbying and financial power of big companies who want to influence mainstream media and the medical profession for profit.



What’s your current favourite vegan food experience?

My favourite vegan foods experience? Well, my food is vegan, largely raw and organic, for planetary and personal reasons, and I did enjoy my lunch today – a big bowl of alfalfa and mung bean sprouts, sunflower greens, pea shoots and chopped sweet red peppers, all mixed with a rosemary, lemon and olive dressing. With that I had homemade dehydrated crackers spread with beetroot and sunflower pate. No fellow creature had a rotten life en route to my bowl!



What's your current ambition / goal / dream to achieve?

My current goal is completing my wellness book to reach out to many many people so they can be their best and reach their goals with passion and joy. My dream is of a centre in Europe that educates people in plant-based nutrition and inspires and motivates them to upgrade their lives, ideally with a hospital where conventional and natural healing modalities are available along with top quality high-raw vegan food and juices. I’d like to work there teaching, leading groups, sharing recipes and showing people how to implement what they learn. 



Many thanks to Judy for taking the time to answer the questions above. Don’t miss Judy’s presentation in the Living Raw Zone on Saturday October 22nd 2016 at 5pm, in the Central Hall (Level 1) of Olympia London, as part of a huge VegfestUK London event...

In a world with many challenges, Judy will be speaking about Why we need to Eat Differently from our Grandparents, sharing knowledge of good vegan foods and juices for wellness and showing you how to make her delicious signature Middle Eastern dish with no special equipment. She will also teach sprouting basics, offer tasters and sign copies of Good raw Food Recipes. 

Full event programme for the whole VegfestUK London event is here: 

Buy your advance tickets in the widget below (or at the link here if the widget does not work on your tablet):

[NOTE: Each ticket includes access to ALL areas of VegfestUK London.]

Get Involved! If you have a great Vegan news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include your focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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