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Mature Zone at Vegfest Scotland to offer vegan refreshments and talks on veganism for the mature

Mature Zone at Vegfest Scotland to offer vegan refreshments and talks on veganism for the mature

| by Editor

Feeling the effects of overcrowding?

Why not sit back and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the Mature Zone at Vegfest Scotland?

Nab a free copy of VfL's new magazine, enjoy an attractive array of vegan cakes, and listen in to presentations on topics such as creative simple meals, ethical investments, optimal ageing, and other matters. 


Refreshments here are offered on a 'pay as you feel' basis, and any profits will be used to support the charity's work. 



There'll also be plenty of free information to hand about:

  • Veg-friendly travel 
  • VfL's vegan and vegetarian grants 
  • Vegan dinners to your door 
  • Care homes that care 
  • Volunteering opportunities: How to be a friend to your elders. 

Talks and workshops will run from 12pm on Saturday and 11am on Sunday. Schedule below:



12.00 – Maggie Lister, Vegetarian for Life – Waste not want not

1.00 – Linda Anderson, Age Scotland – Optimal ageing

2.00 – Shona Barr, Affinity IFA – Raising awareness of ethical investment – value as well as values

2.20 – Alec Cameron, Planning Matters (UK) Limited – Estate planning – if you leave nothing to chance, you chance nothing

3.00 – Barbara Chalmers, Final Fling – Funerals & stuff

4.00 – Amanda Woodvine, Vegetarian for Life – What real vegans eat... and effortless ways to make your diet even healthier

5.00 – Erin Kenny – Open yoga (all levels)



11.00 – Rose Goodenough, InnerSpace Meditation Centre – Conscious eating and meditation 

12.00 – Kim Stringer, Vegetarian for Life – Positively vegan for life 

1.00 – Anne McWhinnie, Dementia Friends – If I get dementia, will they serve me meat?

2.00 – Amanda Woodvine, Vegetarian for Life – Cheat your way to 5 (or more) a day

3.00 – Maggie Lister, Vegetarian for Life – Creative simple meals

4.00 – Rachel Smith – Yoga (all levels)


Sat 12.00 – Maggie Lister, Vegetarian for Life – Waste not want not 

Focusing on reducing food waste, this talk will examine what people can do to eliminate food going to landfill while saving pennies AND the planet! Get to grips with food labels and date systems, what can and can't be thrown straight in the bin, and using every bit of food left over in the fridge.

This demo will promote good vegan living while ensuring as little food as possible is wasted. By portion and meal planning, sticking to lists, storing food correctly and not throwing leftovers away, the average Brit could save hundreds of pounds each year. So let’s take a look how easily this can be done at home. 

About the speaker

Maggie has worked and volunteered for a number of charities over the past 10 years: from large international organisations to small local food charities across the North West of England. She has extensive experience of cooking and creating vegetarian and vegan meals, gained from working in a variety of roles in the hospitality sector.

As one of VfL's Roving Chefs, she works locally and nationally, giving advice and information in support of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Come along to find out more, or to book a visit for your local lunch club or day centre. 
Twitter @VfL_UK


Sat 1.00 – Linda Anderson, Age Scotland – Optimal ageing

Ready or not, we all go through life transitions and are forced to rethink, regroup and reaffirm our place in life. However, as we get older we are often faced with more transitions, more quickly – and regrouping and bouncing back can seem more difficult than ever. Hear more about ‘optimal ageing’ and how it may be the key to negotiating your journey through those transitional stages.  

About the speaker

Linda Anderson is a both community development professional and a cognitive behavioural psychotherapist. With a background in human resources and organisational development support she both works to support community groups and on a one-to-one basis with individuals seeking emotional support.

A membership organisation, Age Scotland has over 1,000 member groups. Linda works with Age Scotland members to support them to engage with and support people in the community. From lunch clubs to Tai Chi groups, Age Scotland works to ensure that older people are engaged, supported and have the necessary information and advice to ensure that ageing is not a barrier to all that life has to offer. 
Twitter @agescotland


Sat 2.00 – Shona Barr, Affinity IFA – Raising awareness of ethical investment – value as well as values

Ethically influenced purchasing decisions are now firmly established as part of everyday life. Ethical investment accounts for over £13.5bn of UK savings and investment, which equates to a mere 1% of the market.

38% of the British public are interested in green or ethical financial products and services, with 90% willing to switch to a different provider if it offered a green or ethical investment product. 

We will consider the main areas of ethical investment and discuss some real-life scenarios to illustrate how ethical strategies can be applied in practice. We will look at the financial planning landscape further to pension legislative changes in April 2015 with focus on the issues relevant to those approaching retirement and beyond.

About the speaker

Shona Barr is Director and Independent Financial Adviser at Affinity IFA Limited. She has a keen interest in ethical investment and is a member of UKSIF (the sustainable finance association for the UK). Shona is a specialist in later life planning and works predominantly with clients approaching and already in retirement.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 by existing clients on the UK wide IFA website, Shona works with clients to establish their financial and lifestyle priorities and goals then ensures strategies are implemented without compromise to values.

Affinity IFA – making the complex simple. 
Twitter @AffinityIFA


Sat 2.20 – Alec Cameron, Planning Matters (UK) Limited – Estate planning – if you leave nothing to chance, you chance nothing

Estate planning is all about making sure your assets are protected throughout your lifetime and that your wishes are followed regarding the distribution of your estate after you die.

According to new research the nation's estate planning is in a shocking state with almost two thirds (61%) of people not having addressed this issue.

The session will consider asset protection and everyday threats to your assets, the consequences of doing nothing, inheritance tax planning and estate planning. We will discuss examples of how estate planning works in real life and how simple and effective it can be to implement a strategy that takes account of your wishes and values ensuring that your chosen charities and beneficiaries can receive the correct inheritance at the correct time for them.

About the speaker

Alec is a specialist in estate planning and family asset protection. He works with clients to ensure their estates are protected throughout their lifetimes and distributed according to their wishes thereafter, providing bespoke solutions that are in line with their wishes and priorities.

With 20 years experience in legal and financial services, Alec is well placed to offer clients advice on appropriate estate planning strategies. Taking care of your future requires professional help and Alec is often consulted by other professionals for his expertise in this specialist field.

Planning matters – if you leave nothing to chance, you chance nothing.


Sat 3.00 – Barbara Chalmers, Final Fling – Funerals & stuff

If you have clear values that underpin the choices you make in life, we think you might want to exercise choice right till the end of life – and maybe beyond.

If you care about your body, what you put in it, your carbon footprint, the planet, the environment, your legacy – you might want to do death differently. You might prefer natural burial to cremation. You might rather have a DIY funeral. You might prefer a bamboo shroud than a brass handled, polyester lined, mahogany coffin.

Final Fling is the home of life and death decisions. Come along to this talk and find out more.

About the speaker

Barbara 'B' Chalmers is Founder of Final Fling, the spirited, creative, award-winning website for life and death decisions. B is a communications strategist, Death Cafe host, veteran of Dragon's Den, life coach, humanist celebrant, sambista, and passionate ambassador for doing things differently. 
Twitter @FinalFlingUK


Sat 4.00 – Amanda Woodvine, Vegetarian for Life – What real vegans eat... and effortless ways to make your diet even healthier

What we rustle up for dinner at home doesn't (always) tally with glossy images in books and magazines. Amanda discusses some real-life vegan meals from a nutritionist's perspective. What do esteemed veg*n chefs eat when they're home alone and in a hurry? Can ready-meals and takeaways be enjoyed as part of a healthy balanced diet? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

About the speaker

Appearing on Saturday 4pm and Sunday 2pm in the Mature Zone, and Sunday 3.30pm in the People’s Vegan Activists Summit

Amanda is a qualified nutritionist, who joined Vegetarian for Life’s board as a trustee in 2009. Her early career was spent working in Wills and Probate law, mostly advising an older client base. After spells working for Viva! Health and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence – and voluntary roles, including citizen advocacy – she was able to combine multiple interests in her role as CEO of Vegetarian for Life.

Amanda is also the founding director of Eat Green (UK), an award-winning NGO based in Manchester.  
Twitter @VfL_UK


Sat 5.00 – Erin Kenny – Open yoga (all levels)

This class is designed to strengthen, stretch and unwind different areas in the body that become tight due to the increasing demands of modern life. The main areas of focus will be the core, shoulders, hips, and lower back.

About the presenter

Erin is a certified Forrest yoga instructor, kids yoga instructor, massage therapist and trainee counsellor at Abertay University, Dundee.

She started her journey in yoga around 2012 after living with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Yoga helped Erin to become skilled with working with her pain in a healing way, as well as managing her other symptoms. This afforded her a much better quality of life and in turn inspired her to become a Forrest yoga instructor to help others through the physical and mental issues that they may come across every day. She encourages patience, mindfulness and deep breathing, as well as strengthening and stretching out the body in a way that will leave you feeling invigorated.

Erin works with all ages and abilities, and specialises in working with chronic pain, anxiety, depression and injury modifications. So, whatever you are looking for in yoga, Erin's classes are suitable for you!

Erin is also a vegan activist who believes that being mindful of other beings, the planet and health is essential to living compassionately. 


Sun 11.00 – Rose Goodenough, InnerSpace Meditation Centre – Conscious eating and meditation

The happy yogi believes that good health is more than just good ingredients. 

Preparing and eating food while in a state of peace and relaxation soothes the body and allows the digestive organs to function efficiently as they assimilate and distribute nutrients to the cells.

Meditation is the journey inwards, a journey of self-discovery or, in fact, re-discovery. Meditation is time taken for quiet reflection and silence, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living.

Raja Yoga meditation is a form of meditation that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. It can be practised anywhere at any time. Raja Yoga meditation is practised with ‘open eyes', which makes this method of meditation versatile, simple and easy to practice. 

About the speaker

Rose Goodenough has been a teacher and practitioner of Raja Yoga meditation for over 33 years and co-ordinates the activities of the Brahma Kumaris at InnerSpace Meditation Centre in Glasgow. She shares from her heart with honesty and a depth of wisdom gained from her practical experience of using the power of meditation in her life. Her talks are appreciated for their comforting encouragement and powerful clear insights. 
Twitter @InnerSpaceG


Sun 12.00 – Kim Stringer, Vegetarian for Life – Positively vegan for life 

Veganism is part of a considered and compassionate lifestyle. This talk will empower you to speak about veganism positively to friends and family, answering even the most awkward of questions with ease. Find out what you can do to support the entire vegan community, especially those in vulnerable positions such as supported living and hospitals. Delivered by charity VfL's Director (Scotland).

About the speaker

For the last decade Kim has been a Research Officer in Primary Care, working on many studies focused on improving the health of older people. Prior to this she completed a PhD in English Literature and spent some time teaching in college, university, and adult education. Kim also worked in the theatre for a number of years and has worked as a volunteer for a number of good causes.

Kim supports a variety of vegetarian and animal rescue charities. Kim takes a keen interest in environmental issues and in promoting the well being of older people.


Sun 1.00 – Anne McWhinnie, Dementia Friends – If I get dementia, will they serve me meat?

“If I get dementia, will they serve me meat?” Dementia is on the rise, because people are living longer. It is estimated that by 2021, the number of people with dementia in the UK will have increased to 1 million.

Our Dementia Friends information session is a free 1-hour session to give people from all walks of life an understanding about dementia – and how you can protect your future veganism, today. The session is interactive, exploring facts and perceptions around dementia. Our aim is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma that is still evident today.

About the speaker

Anne McWhinnie works as Alzheimer Scotland’s Dementia Friends Programme Manager. She has over 10 years’ experience in senior management, and now works nationally, with a focus on improving the lives and experiences of people living with dementia. Says Anne: “My role is exciting, challenging and rewarding. I get to engage with lots of different people from various walks in life, informing them how they can support people with dementia to remain part of their community.” 
Twitter @alzscot 


Sun 2.00 – Amanda Woodvine, Vegetarian for Life – Cheat your way to 5 (or more) a day

Are you an older veggie who has lost interest in cooking? Love to be vegan, but dislike vegetables? Does the clock regularly strike 9pm with no fruit and veg having passed your lips? Then join this talk for plenty of ideas and inspiration!


Sun 3.00 – Maggie Lister, Vegetarian for Life – Creative simple meals

Are you stuck for ideas for tasty wholesome meals, but don't feel like you have the time or energy to create something wholesome and nutritious? Are you leaning towards 'ping' meals instead of something home-cooked? Maggie will introduce you to an array of ideas to get your palate tingling. Creative meals doesn't mean using every pot in the kitchen, or using a spice rack worth of ingredients. Instead, why not come along for some fresh ideas that are proven to be packed with goodness and easy on the purse strings? Even those who hate cooking but love eating will find inspiration here! 
Twitter @VfL_UK


Sun 4.00 – Rachel Smith – Yoga (all levels)

Rachel brings her unique blend of enthusiasm, compassion and body positivity into her teaching, focusing on creating classes where you can feel great while learning how to bring space into those areas that feel stuck and need attention. Helping you to accept yourself exactly where you are with confidence.

About the speaker

Having struggled with chronic back pain for years, Rachel found Forrest Yoga in 2012 and has not looked back since.

Forrest Yoga’s dynamic and intelligent sequencing helped Rachel move through her chronic pain in a struggle-free way, helping to connect her with the passion and driving focus of helping others to walk free of pain.

In 2014 Rachel took the leap and completed Anna Forrest Teacher training in Peterbourgh. 

In order to continue to develop both personally and as a yoga teacher, Rachel is also undertaking a Forrest yoga mentorship programme with Forrest Yoga Guardian Sandra Robinson.


More about Vegfest Scotland

The Mature Zone is part of a huge Vegfest Scotland event taking place on December 3rd 4th 2016 at the SECC in Glasgow.

Whether you're:

  • looking for vegan "meats", "cheeses", chocolate, clothing, bodycare, cosmetics
  • or hoping to learn more about veganism
  • or just seeking a top day out with your friends, or networking with like-minded people

Vegfest Scotland is just the right event for you!

with 160 stalls, 13 caterers, dozens of talks and cookery demos, kids activities, a Mature Zone, plus live performances

You'll be absolutely spoiled for choice for things to do at this memorable event!

You can get your hands on advance tickets to Vegfest Scotland now at

Join the Facebook event here: 

Get Involved! If you have a great Vegan news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include your focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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