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Meat/Dairy Industry Doomed – Vegan Revolution as World Food Market Turns Upside Down

Meat/Dairy Industry Doomed – Vegan Revolution as World Food Market Turns Upside Down

| by Tony Bishop-Weston

In the run-up to the UK’s first vegan Trade Show VegfestUK Trade at Olympia London on Friday October 20th 2017, author and consultant development vegan chef Tony Bishop-Weston (@bishopweston) looks at the recent vegan revolution worldwide with signs that the meat and dairy industry is nearing its end.

Trade and Media professionals can register to attend VegfestUK Trade for free at 


The pressure in the animal product food industry to drive profits and productivity in an unrealistic eternally increasing upward spiral has finally had its unicorn fart bubble burst. The meat and dairy industry has crashed into a brick wall, its nose is bloody, it’s hurting bad, wide eyed, scared, claws and teeth drawn. The real Mad Cow’s Disease was not realising that plant based vegan foods were the future sooner.


Facts and Stats

We’ve covered the hard facts and health/food/catering/hospitality industry statistics in previous VegfestUK blogs along with expert comment and market forecasts. Here’s a reminder

But wait, there’s more, read on, things are hotting up, vegan is on the boil, the boil is about to burst.


Livestock Farmers Betrayed - Sold Down the Coal Mine River

So farmers were sold this lie, “You are inefficient. Most of what you produce is shit and gas, and dangerous bacteria and germs not food. We sell food. You must produce more food. If you increase productivity and produce more food we will stand by you and promise to love and cherish you forever”. Just like the dirty, dangerous, complicated, expensive coal industry before it, the livestock farming industry is being hung out to dry and left to slowly drown in its own faeces leaving farming communities devastated. Subsidies need to be moved to investment in new plant harvests quickly.


F**K Cows! We Need a Pea!

Just like the energy industry discovered “What? we can forget coal mining, just drill a hole in the ground and suck out all the gas?” before it, the food industry is having a similar revelation. “What? Can we just cut out the middle man? Just grow peas, grind them up add them to water and people will drink that instead of milk?”. “What’s that? The pea leftovers can be turned into meat alternatives such as vegan pulled pork and chicken-less chicken? You’re s******* me! Does Bill Gates know about this? Is he already investing? Arnold Schwarzenegger said what?”


The Great British Vegan Sell Off and Global Takeover

It started gradually with vegetarian brands like Quorn and Cauldron Foods, then Craig Sam’s Whole Earth and Green and Blacks companies being sold off to massive global food brokers. Now everyone is fair game. Companies such as Alpro Dairy Free Products and Swedish Glace Ice Cream being gobbled up and re gobbled up in the frantic frenzy to get a piece of the vegan action. However, just like the sale of Green and Blacks to Cadbury’s and then Kraft spurned hundreds of artisan chocolatiers, now there are a plethora of vegan milk and dairy free ice cream manufacturers leading the charge behind. Fortunately, there’s now marketing and market research platforms such as VegfestUK and Veganuary to help small start-up companies to launch without massive advertising budgets.


Freaky Friday The Week That Was

Things, at least for old school vegans, are beginning to get freaky. Rumblings are becoming earthquakes. There seems to me more vegan news than you can shake a stick at.

  • When I was press officer at The Vegan Society Newspaper Editors had banned the word vegan from copy. Now the Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Sun routinely run vegan headlines. Following Jeremy Corbyn’s vegan grilling at a Lush Cosmetics conference in London organised by Director of Veganism, Hilary Jones, all the UK press fell into a frenzy discussing the merits of veganism for the rest of the week.


  • The winner of the week’s daftest headline goes to The Daily Mail. The Daily Mail explained that ‘scientific research’ suggests millions had gone vegan because of Beyoncé’. The Sun came a close second with a story about a nutritionist being ripped off paying £7 for a vegan breakfast of beans and tomatoes. Meanwhile The Telegraph and Independent alerted us to the launch of an all vegan cruise.


  • After a peak in January 2017 during Veganuary, Google Trends shows the vegan trend running roughly 3 times that of vegetarian or gluten-free.


  • In days gone by, the official line of the British Dietetic Association was that vegan diets were ‘exclusionary, cutting out important food groups’ – now the BDA have cut a deal with The Vegan Society and are back peddling fast to avoid egg on their face. Meanwhile, The Vegetable Summit has been arranged in London bringing together leading lights in the media, health professionals, journalists, broadcasters and politicians to uncover ways to get the UK to eat more vegetables.


  • Where once you were lucky if you could find TVP in supermarkets they now have selections of vegan cheeses, desserts and ice creams. In just 12 months, we’ve gone from hardly any vegan sandwiches available to a vegan lunch choice being ubiquitous, even at ‘whey hey’ Mark’s and Spencer’s. The major wholesale food distributor for the catering trade Bidfood (formerly Bidvest 3663) has now listed a choice of vegan cheeses to its offer enabling high-street restaurants to now sell vegan pizzas. Sainsbury's have now started selling a vegan pizza.


  • As Amazon’s takeover of Wholefoods (American Wholefood/organic supermarket chain) became finalised they promised to make vegan products more affordable. Meanwhile, Aldi and Lidl launched a range of new vegan products and Ben & Jerry’s launched a range of vegan ice cream.


  • The final jawdrop for me was when ASDA (who are still struggling to find a vegan sandwich) out-vegan-ed even The Guardian and Ocado, encouraging customers to commit to a 7-day vegan challenge?? I mean WTF has happened this month?


Vegan Festivals lists over 130 international vegan festivals and that’s not even counting the little town halls and community centre festivals such as the No More Dodos event on 30th Sept in Brockenhurst, New Forest. These little vegan events routinely have over 1,000 visitors, which is similar to the old annual London Vegan Festival in Kensington Town Hall. 

On the VegfestUK website, there are nearly 150 Vegan Festivals and fairs listed in the UK during 2017:

Meanwhile, in Israel it’s reported 25,000 - 30,000 people took to the streets to demonstrate against animal cruelty. There’s a revolution happening under the blessed cheesemaker’s noses.


Invite your friends to join the revolution and visit a VegfestUK near you.

The next VegfestUK event is the UK’s first vegan Trade and Media show VegfestUK Trade on Friday October 20th 2017 at Olympia Central Level 1. Trade and Media professionals are welcome to register to attend the event for FREE at 

VegfestUK then moves onto its 5th annual vegan Consumer show VegfestUK London on the weekend October 21st 22nd 2017 at Olympia West and Central Level 1 and Olympia Conference Centre. Tickets are available to buy in advance at

VegfestUK also have another event at the Brighton Centre on March 24th 25th 2018. The website is now live for stall bookings at, with advance tickets going on sale from January 1st 2018.

An update on the future of its annual Bristol event will be announced on September 21st 2017.

Get Involved! If you have a great Vegan news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include your focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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