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VegfestUK Awards 2017 - Presentation Ceremony and Full Results

VegfestUK Awards 2017 - Presentation Ceremony and Full Results

| by Editor | Posted in Awards

Big big thanks to all the winners of the VegfestUK Awards 2017 who attended the trophy presentation ceremony on October 21st 2017 in the Auditorium at Olympia Conference Centre as part of VegfestUK London 2017 vegan Consumer show. Many thanks too to all the nominees who have promoted their own nominations for the awards.


The Awards Ceremony celebrates the best of a vegan lifestyle in the UK right now and this year there are altogether 17 categories spanning areas such as “meats”, “cheeses”, cakes, chocolates, as well as bodycare, footwear, magazines and online resources amongst others. Full results are in the tables at the bottom.

Photo Credit: JAH Photography
Photo Credit: JAH Photography


The Ceremony features inspirational speeches from vegan celebrities such as actress Evanna Lynch (who played the character Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter series), Lucy Watson (who starred previously in Made in Chelsea) and actor Alan Ford (best known for his roles in the Guy Ritchie crime capers Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch).


VegfestUK London also consists of nearly 280 stalls, a Vegan Food Village with 23 global caterers, a Vegan Health Summit, a Vegan Athletes Summit, Easy Veganism sessions, an Animal Rights Summit, a Radical Veganism corner (Saturday only), an Environment, Food & Sustainability Summit (Sunday only), a Vegan Comedy Corner, a Cinema, an Activists Corner, Cookery Demos, a Living Raw Zone, a Teen Zone, a Mature Zone, a Kids Area, Live Music, an Art of Compassion Exhibition. 



Best Vegan Snacks – 2,956 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Nakd 1417
Jeavons Toffee 378
Pulsin 338
Ananda's Marshmallows 253
Meridian Snack Bars 188
Perk!er Quinoa Bars 172
Creative Nature 73
ChicP 56
GOOD Full Stop 52
BodyMe 29


Best Vegan Fast Food – 2,476 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
One Planet Pizza 582
Cool Jerk Vegan Pie 451
Loving Hut Express 382
Badgers Dairy and Egg Free 235
Mr Nice Pie 231
Beelzebab 212
Matter Fastfoods To-fish 135
Feral Food Store Vegan Streetfood 118
Butcherless 99
BUN 31


Best Vegan "Meat" – 2,723 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Fry's 942
Tofurky 491
VBites Foods 330
Vegusto 214
Gillie Food 172
Taifun 171
Dragonfly Foods 122
Moodley Manor 101
Dee's Wholefoods 96
Wheaty 84


Best Vegan "Cheese" – 2,898 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Violife 1125
Bute Island Foods 402
Mel's Kindness Kitchen 287
Follow Your Heart 222
Tyne Chease 220
Nutcrafter Creamery 205
Lettices 181
Asparagasm 119
Raw Food Rosie's 111
Nutgrove Kitchen 26


Best Vegan Cakes – 2,662 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
The Vegan Cakery 839
Ms. Cupcake 596
Hannah Banana Bakery 302
Elspeth's Kitchen 225
Rubys of London 183
Missy's Vegan Cupcakes 179
Vegan Sweet Tooth London 120
MissFlits Bakes Vegan 98
Liberty Loves 64
Rosina Makes 56


Best Vegan Chocolate – 2,925 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
VEGO Chocolate 1,050
Moo Free Chocolates 716
The Raw Chocolate Company 289
Adam's Raw Chocolate 264
Conscious Chocolate 138
The Raw Chocolate Pie Company 123
Pana Chocolate 119
So Free Chocolate 100
Ethicoco 79
Cocoafeliz 47


Best Chilled / Frozen Vegan Desserts – 2,737 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Booja Booja 1361
Pudology 325
Yorica! 278
Go with the Fro 266
Co-yo 157
Smooze 98
The Nude Spoon 74
Ice Green 72
Frill 70
Jollyum 36


Best Vegan Drinks – 2,775 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Oatly 876
Fentiman's 372
Koko Dairy Free 369
Rebel Kitchen 344
Besos de Oro 239
GOOD Hemp Dairy Free 177
Vita Coco 171
Pitfield Brewery 92
Juice Warrior 77
Savsé Smoothies 58


Best Vegan Caterer – 1,989 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Mex it Up 419
Pomodoro e Basilico 323
Happy Maki 293
LazyBoy Kitchen 248
Veggies Catering Campaign 202
Shambhu's Vegan Caterers 174
Greek Vegan Deli 165
Brownins Food 69
Rupert's Street 61
Damage Limitation 35


Best Vegan Restaurant – 2,232 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Temple of Hackney 485
Purezza 317
V Revolution 286
The 78 283
222 Vegan Cuisine 243
El Piano 199
Henderson's 138
Manna 137
Vantra 72
Karamel 72


Best Vegan Clothing – 1,916 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Viva La Vegan 519
Wear Your Voice 202
Hempish 190
Anticarnist 188
HeartCure Clothing 141
Plant Faced Clothing 114
Jade Green Vegan 107
Vegan Deviant 101
Vegorium 29


Best Vegan Footwear – 1,954 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Vegetarian Shoes 450
Wills Vegan Shoes 384
Beyond Skin 347
Ethical Wares 180
Eco Vegan Shoes 163
You're So Vegan 141
Freet Footwear 104
Bourgeois Bohème 71
Freerangers 59
The Third Estate 55


Best Vegan Homeware and Lifestyle Products – 2,278 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
EDEN Perfumes 710
Astonish 622
humblestuff 180
Humane Wildlife Solutions 175
Harper's Candles 155
Living Naturally Soapnuts 139
Little Blue Hen Soap 132
Greenscents 99
Valentte London 38
Create&Case 28


Best Vegan Bodycare – 1,925 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Beauty without Cruelty 452
Buddha Beauty 191
Fit Pit Deodorant 180
Yaoh 123
Optiat 92
Bohemian Chic Minerals 66
Iuvo Skincare 65
Pure Epiphany 49
The Clay Cure 43


Best Vegan Vlogger – 1,779 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Earthling Ed 382
Plant Based News 333
The Vegan Activist 242
Vegan Geezer 209
Hench Herbivore 187
Compassionate Living 113
Banana Warrior Princess 104
Ellie the Earthling 99
VeganFitness TV 81
Rehana Sara 29


Best Vegan Magazine – 2,241 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
Vegan Life Magazine 603
Vegan Food and Living Magazine 410
The Vegan Magazine 272
The Hectic Vegan 261
VivaLife Magazine 223
Vegan Living Magazine 147
PlantBased Magazine (formerly Cook Vegan Magazine) 127
Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine 83
Outrage Magazine 66
Vilda Magazine 49


Best Vegan Online Resource – 2,745 votes cast

Nominee Number of votes
HappyCow 1001
Fat Gay Vegan 721
Veganuary 345
Barnivore 212
Go Vegan World 137
VeggieVision TV 99
Teen VGN 81
Vegan Runners UK 79
Vegan Bodybuilding 58
Vegan Travel UG 12


Get Involved! If you have a great Vegan news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include your focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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