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VegfestUK Awards 2018 update - up to Sept 17th 2018

VegfestUK Awards 2018 update - up to Sept 17th 2018

| by Editor | Posted in Awards

It’s been 2 weeks since voting for this year’s VegfestUK vegan awards began, and we have received just over 3,200 votes so far!

With 4 weeks of voting still to go before it shuts at 6pm on Sunday October 14th 2018, now is your chance to support your favourite vegan brands, services and platforms, by casting your vote at the link below: 

Make sure to use the Awards hashtag #VegfestUKAwards2018 in your social media posts and Tweets.


Here are the latest updates for you...

Best Vegan Festival

The vegan festivals circuit is growing in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years with over 200 of them taking place all over the country in 2018. This year we picked out 10 of the longest-running and most well-established ones up for nomination in the new Best Vegan Festival category. Currently leading the chase are UK Vegan Camp-Out, Vegan Life Live London, Bristol Viva! Vegan Festival, Animal Aid Christmas Fayre and the Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival, but you just never know what could happen with 4 weeks of voting still to go.


Best Vegan Bags

Another new category introduced in the wake of huge growth in the variety of vegan bag brands available in the market, with vegan materials taking over their animal-based counterparts. Some of the brands making their presence felt in the voting so far are Matt & Nat, The Lovely Things, Lifestyle International Limited, Beyond Bags and Hetty Sam, but don’t forget the other awesome brands amongst the nominees who continue to make waves in the world of fashion.


Best Vegan Superfood Brand

Superfoods have been growing in prominence in households for the past few years, in being an easy and accessible way of getting our daily nutritional needs without spending hours in the kitchen, and no surprise either about the rise in options available in vegan superfoods. It’s nice to see both independents and established brands in the mix for the Best Vegan Superfood Brand trophy this year. Making good progress towards the top so far are Vega, Vivo Life, GOOD Hemp Dairy Free, Naturya and Revolution Foods, but don’t forget the heroes and heroines behind the other 5 nominees who are making a real difference to the nutritional intake of the world with their unique superfood brands.


Best Vegan Ready Meals

The increasingly fast-paced modern world calls for an ever-growing range of ready meals to meet the demands of busy individuals living on the fast lane who struggle for time to make their own food in the kitchen, and a select number of vegan food brands have responded positively to this expanding market with their own unique on-the-go meal options.  Step forward One Planet Pizza, Mr Nice Pie, Tideford Organics, Badgers Vegan Kitchen and Pie Baby, who are currently on top in the voting proceedings, but there’s plenty still to be expected from the other 5 nominees whose contribution to the vegan ready meal scene should not be discounted.


Best Vegan Magazine

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of vegan lifestyles in the UK, magazines dedicated to veganism have propped up in high street chains, supermarkets as well as online, giving the general public another avenue to accessing vegan information with ease. Magazines include Vegan Life Magazine, Vegan Food and Living Magazine, Vegan Living Magazine, PlantBased Magazine and Simply Vegan Magazine, alongside a number of independent up-and-coming publications with their own niches, all of whom are making their voices heard in the vegan community and in particular the awards voting this year.


Best Vegan Online Resource

Resources dedicated to providing vegan information are not restricted to magazines, of course, with numerous websites giving us all the latest vegan news stories from around the globe as well as offering ways to tell which products are vegan and which are not in a currently non-vegan world. The Best Vegan Online Resource category, built to celebrate the best providers of vegan materials online, sees the likes of HappyCow, Plant Based News, The Vegan Society, LIVEKINDLY and Veganuary marching on in the votes count so far, with 5 others breathing down their neck in the chase for the top trophy.


Best Vegan Cleaning Brand

Veganism is not restricted to diet, of course, with lesser-known animal-based by-products commonly used in other walks of life, one of which is our everyday cleaning products. Thanks to a number of businesses, though, this issue is increasingly getting addressed. Brands such as Astonish, Method, Living Naturally, Ecozone and Ecoleaf are currently flying high with votes collected, but not too far behind are 5 other brands capable of gathering plenty of support in the weeks to come.


Best Vegan Bodycare

The likes of moisturisers, lip balms deodorants, perfumes and shower gels are just some of the other products which might involve animal exploitation in their production process, but thanks to a number of vegan-friendly businesses, the balance is slowly shifting towards animal-free bodycare alternatives. Eden Perfumes, Buddha Beauty, Dr. Bronner's, Shea-Me and Indigenous Beauty are just some of the many brands in the market, who are gathering momentum nicely in the Awards table so far, but never discount the progress made by the other nominees in the last few days, who are threatening to upset the apple cart by making a surge up towards the top in the coming weeks.


Best Vegan Clothing

Clothing is one of the best and most vocal ways of expressing a vegan way of life, allowing us to literally wear our veganism on our sleeves! And of course the vegan world has responded to the hunger for vegan-themed T-shirts with a large number of brands printing their own slogans and artwork on top of Tees. The clothing category’s defending champion Viva La Vegan sits alongside ETHCS, Anticarnist, Wear Your Voice and HeartCure amongst those near the summit of proceedings so far, but the other nominees can still make a real difference to the current status quo with plenty of time still to go.


Best Vegan Footwear

The explosion in vegan products extends to what we put underneath our soles too, and it’s nice to see vegan footwear materials providing wearers with comfort and style at the same time. Beyond Skin, Will's Vegan Shoes, Ethical Wares, Eco Vegan Shoes and Vegetarian Shoes are just some of the 100% vegan shoe brands in the market who have stolen early marches towards the top up to now, but it’ll be premature to call an end to what is expected to be an absorbing contest.


Best Vegan Restaurant / Cafe

Almost needless to say, a good vegan impression on pre-vegans starts on the plate, and what better way to give them a good experience and potentially, a lasting fondness for plant-based foods, than taking them to a 100% vegan restaurant or cafe? This year’s Awards nomination for restaurants and cafes offers representation from different corners of the country, with nominees hailing from places such as Glasgow, Bristol, Norwich, Brighton, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff and Birmingham as well as London. There’s still plenty of campaigning to be done over the upcoming weeks by all nominees, of course, but currently in good shape in the table include The Flying Duck, Purezza, V Rev Vegan Diner (formerly V-Revolution), Little Green and 222 Vegan Cuisine.


Best Vegan "Cheese"

Cheese has been commonly cited as the hardest ingredient to give up on when one tries to go vegan. The vegan community has responded to this hunger for dairy-free cheese from would-be vegans with a dazzling cheeseboard of their own that threaten to out-shine their dairy-based counterparts in the shelves of supermarkets and health stores, with main ingredients hailing from soya, cashew and coconut, to almond, rice and other plant-based sources. Some of the superstars in the vegan cheese scene who have been nominated for this year’s Awards include the likes of Follow Your Heart, I Am Nut OK, Tyne Chease, Bute Island Foods, Mel's Kindness Kitchen and 5 other nominees who are vying for the top spot.


Best Vegan Cakes

Almost everyone enjoys a cake and vegans are no different, and perhaps even more so, and the repertoire of bakery and cakery has been expanding like never before to cater for a variety of taste buds and dietary needs. Independent business The Vegan Cakery has won this category for the last 3 years in a row and this year they are facing a strong challenge from the likes of Cupcakes & Shhht, Baking Bad, Vegan Sweet Tooth London, Rubys of London as well as Ms. Cupcake, with 4 other nominees hot on their heels and so stay tuned to the latest updates on this category!


Best Vegan Snacks

Snack bars are the powerhouses for busy individuals who need an instant pick-me-up of nutrients and flavours to power themselves through their working days, as well as providing much-needed fuel for athletes and sportspeople in their chosen sports. The vegan world certainly doesn’t disappoint in their variety of snack bars. Even though Nakd Wholefoods has been the winner of this category for the previous years, expect this year’s contest to involve a number of other candidates to last the distance, including Pulsin, Perk!er Foods, Fry's Coconut Island and Quinoa Crack amongst other quality brands nominated.


Best Vegan Caterer

Festival goers have an increasing array of vegan foods to choose from at their festivals of choice, thanks to the tremendous work put in by a number of independent street food caterers who have dedicated hours to serving up mouthwatering dishes of plant-based meals to be enjoyed on the spot. As vegan lifestyles continue to gather momentum in the mainstream, so does the number of exclusively vegan caterers serving 100% vegan foods. Sitting pretty in the proceedings so far are What the Pitta, Herbivorous, Happy Maki, The Spotless Leopard and Lazyboy Kitchen but the table looks pretty congested at the moment with any of the other 5 nominees looking capable of making their way to the top.


Best Vegan "Meat"

This long-running Awards category, celebrating the best vegan “meat” substitutes available, has seen a string of illustrious winners in the past and this year has seen a combination of independents such as LoveSeitan and Temple Of Seitan as well as red-hot supermarket favourites Oumph! mounting a serious challenge to established businesses such as VBites, Tofurky and reigning champions Fry’s. This contest is very far from being a dead rubber though for the other nominees in the category so expect plenty more twists and turns over the coming weeks.


Best Vegan Dessert

Desserts have the power to entertain as well as treating diners to a satisfactory finale to their dining experience, and vegan cuisine comes up trumps in this respect with varieties such as ice cream, puddings, frozen ices, marshmallows and other types which will further convince everyone of the breadth of vegan options available these days. The likes of The Coconut Collaborative and Pudology, alongside Ice Green and Freaks of Nature, are pushing hard defending champions Booja-Booja as we speak, but don’t forget the nominees who are not far behind in the hunt for Best Vegan Dessert in this year’s Awards.


Best Vegan Chocolate

Finally, chocolate has been one of the nation’s favourites for many a century, and even though the typical brand in the mainstream traditionally involves the use of dairy milk, vegan chocolate brands are making waves and giving their dairy-based counterparts a real good run for their money. Last year’s winner Moo Free Chocolates are facing a battle on their hands from nominees such as Conscious Chocolate, Loving Earth, The Raw Chocolate Company and So Free Chocolate, with 5 other nominees gradually moving closer to the leading pack over the last few days.


More about the Awards​

The Awards trophies will be handed out to the winners, at the VegfestUK Awards Ceremony as part of VegfestUK London, scheduled on Saturday October 27th 2018 in the Auditorium at Olympia Conference Centre (exact time TBC). The full results will be announced online shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, advance tickets to VegfestUK London are available to buy online at, with

  • BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE offers running until the end of September,
  • Concessions BUY ONE SUNDAY GET ONE SUNDAY FREE running until October 7th, and
  • Full price advance tickets available to buy all the way till the event weekend.

Get Involved! If you have a great Vegan news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include your focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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