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Loads of exciting new vegan products at this year’s Natural Organic Products Expo

Loads of exciting new vegan products at this year’s Natural Organic Products Expo

| by Pete Metcalfe | Posted in Vegan businesses

Up until last weekend I had been the only one on the VegfestUK team not to have swung by Natural Organic Products Expo and seen the spectacle for myself, so I thought 2019 would be a good year to change things. Alan and I left Bristol early on Sunday morning and were soon bound for ExCel London where the event is held each year. The venue itself is built for purpose and was pretty impressive. A little far from the centre of London, it nevertheless suited us as we drove to the show to find tonnes of parking (albeit £20 a go) and easy access to the halls where the event was being held.

Right away it’s hard to know where to look. At the entrance there was a very real-looking tree (coupled with pre-recorded bird song) along with two brightly coloured entrances leading us in to different business zones. No matter which entrance you take every stall looks fantastic, with many immersive open-plan stalls handing out samples.

Unsure of where to begin, we headed for the Vegan World area. The area was marked out with a big overhead banner, a green carpet and an awning and looked great. Walking up and down the aisles in a bit of a shock, I turned on the camera and began taking photos.

Lots of friends of ours were in attendance: Moo Free with a great looking corner stall (above), The Vegan Society had a great big end stall in the middle and One Planet Pizza (below) showing off their well earned VegfestUK Awards from the previous 2 years to name but a few.

Pretty soon I came across Lazy Vegan, who joined us for VegfestUK Brighton 2019 a couple of weeks ago, and will also be at VegfestUK London in October. They were very generously handing out some delicious samples of their ready meals, making me regret not finding the time to seek them out at the Brighton show... These frozen ready meals come in two great flavours – Mexican and Provençale. Keep an eye out for Lazy Vegan’s ready meals in selected Sainsburys stores and be sure to stock up!

 It was around this time that we met the lovely people on the Jack and Chill stall, serving up tasters of a pretty much game-changing Jackfruit burger. I’m not generally a big Jackfruit fan, and this thoroughly impressed me! Enough to vote for them in the new products awards that day in fact.

Alan and I also had a chance to try out Borna Foods’ delicious pistachio milk – I thoroughly recommend trying out their products. A very stripped-back take on plant milk which tastes really fresh and unique.

Qwrkee Foods were busy with an audience every time I swung by to say hello, but I’ve seen since the show that they won TWO awards in the New Products Showcase this year – Best New Special Diet Product with their Pea Mlk, and Best New Snack Product with the Qwrkee Vegan Jerky!

The team at Yusa Drinks are introducing Guayusa leaf to the UK as a natural source of energy in their range of energy drinks – keep an eye out for this one:

MozzaRisella treated us to loads of delicious tasters - the stand out for me probably being the cheese that I learned is the product used on Zizzi’s vegan pizzas! Made from germinated Italian brown rice sprouts this is a great alternative to cheese and has a fantastic texture, whether eaten right out of the packet or melted on pizzas.

Next we stumbled upon Loma Linda – a company making a variety of products including a vegan alternative to tuna and vegan microwaveable ready meals, which were delicious – perfect for folks on the go. Hopefully we’ll be seeing their products everywhere very soon.

Mallow Puffs had both a great looking stand and a great looking range of vegan marshmallow products. I mean see for yourself … They were also runners up in the New Products Showcase awards too, which is no mean feat when you see just how many different brands and great new products they were up against.

I had the chance to chat with the lovely people at Inspired Vegan too – I would recommend their sauces! At the show they had some new recipes still being perfected, so there’s some new ones on the way too... Keep an eye out for those. Their range is currently available from Suma and Vegan Kind Supermarket:

As always, Tofurky’s samples were amazing. I feel like I’ve always known Tofurky’s products, spending time in Canada where their range is everywhere. What I didn’t know though was that the company was founded in 1980 and originally sold handmade tempeh. Their story is pretty inspiring, and their products are delicious. I for one am over the moon that Tofurky’s products are so accessible and always look forward to stocking the fridge with their slices and sausages. And that’s not to mention the roasts – there’s always someone in the family asking to try some at Christmas dinner!

It was around about this time that I had a lovely chat with the gent at the OOOM stand about his highly original and really tasty new “instant super nutriment” – it tasted like fresh fruit crisps and was a really tasty snack, as well as the health benefits associated with it. Made from apples, peaches, strawberries, orange, black carrot as well as adaptogens to reduce stress – a really nice combo!

Years back at one of our Bristol shows on the Harbourside, one of the stand-out features of the show was Wheaty’s full sized vegan kebab on a rotisserie. It was SO good that it’s still often talked about in the VegfestUK office. At the time I remember it setting the benchmark for me in the ‘vegan meats’ category. That’s why when I saw the Wheaty stand at Natural Products I was pretty excited to say the least. I tried their new burger they’ve spent the last couple of years (literally) perfecting, and it was fabulous. I’m sure you – the reader – have tried Wheaty products by now but if you haven’t, make it a goal for 2019, you won’t regret it.

Sead Foods had some incredibly tasty vegan spreads made from tahini at the show. All 3 of these sesame butter spreads I tried were out of this world – the chocolate, caramel and the original creamy… Definitely recommending them to anyone with a sweet tooth. Check out @SeadFoods on Instagram, there’s some amazing ideas for what you can do with the spreads, even though they were delicious straight off the spoon…

I was pretty blown away by Shore and their Scottish seaweed snacks, and I wasn’t the only one. Loads of flavour, and in a great range of flavours I would eat an obscene amount of these given half a chance. I promise you won’t be disappointed when you get a chance to check these out:

When I was in the Showcase area a little earlier I had seen this amazing looking jam-filled vegan croissant… So when not too long after seeing this I came across Cupiello’s stall, welcomed by a startling array of vegan baked goods I just had to give it a try. How was it? Well it was everything I’d hoped for and more … And the whole range looked fantastic. I had to take a shot of some of it:

Next up was Good & Green, who had a wide range of delicious plant-based and organic deli ‘meat’ slices on hand, made with a blend of different flours including sourdough, wheat & lupins and wheat & chickpeas. Apparently the sourdough triggers a natural fermentation with helps to give unique characteristics and texture… Science aside, they tasted fab!

MOMA Foods was a real stand-out for me at the show this year. I tasted a lot of fantastic things at the event, I mean I really did… But MOMA Foods’ vegan range (seen here) is a grand selection of natural snacks and breakfast products. In particular their Oat Minis (my favourite was the almond butter & salted caramel – yum!) stood out to me, I would gladly eat them every day without question. I’ve also just finished a chia seed & coconut porridge pot … Delicious!

Lost Coast Food Co. had something really interesting which I would love to try – a range of Apple Cider Vinegar Juices. The range offers blueberry, elderflower & lemon, mango turmeric & ginger and strawberry, hibiscus & rose, all of which sounds really fresh and tasty, and a smart way to get apple cider vinegar into your daily routine without having to chug it neat!

Raw Press had a fantastic looking stand and were very busy when I swung by, and I can see why. With really striking packaging and a dizzying array of products, from cold pressed organic fruit juices, adaptogenic breakfast products (there’s that word again! Adaptogens have been shown to help the body and mind cope with stress), tonics and shots, breakfast pots, waffles and spreads to name but a few.  

I’d never tried any of Nush’s yoghurts until now, but I was really impressed. After trying the tasters (really nice!) I was treated to something I hadn’t seen before – a vegan ‘frube’-style yoghurt in a tube! Perfect for lunchboxes and long overdue, it’s just a great idea all round. Nice one Nush!

Hevea are a company doing something pretty great. A Danish company, they have perfected a range of non-plastic, non-toxic baby (and dog!) products that are safe and eco-friendly. From ‘rubber ducks’ to toys, stools to glass bottles and safe bottle-holders, it’s really worth checking out their website for the full range. One thing on display though was the way their products (in this case a pacifier) bio-degrade naturally in the soil. The picture below shows a new pacifier, a pacifier after 6 years of degradation, and a fully bio-degraded pacifier after 10 years in the soil:

Rawbiotics have a great thing going on. Non-freeze-dried raw vegan probiotics complete with 14 live cultures, and in liquid form too. I really liked the taste of it as well! These days we’re all fairly aware of how important probiotics are in maintaining a healthy gut, so to come across a vegan source of probiotics such as this was a real plus for me. I have my own bottle of Rawbiotics now and it’s going well!

...Then my camera died. I couldn’t believe it! ...Luckily for me however, this brand is impossible to forget. Taifun’s tofu has always been a favourite of mine, but their full range of products was really exciting to see in one place, each with tasters. For instance I had never tried their fermented tofu (or ‘FETO’ range) until now. Wow! Taifun’s own summary on their website says about the FETO range:

“For the production of FETO, fresh Natural Tofu is fermented with vegan starter cultures (lactic acid bacteria). As a result, the tofu is mildly acidified, and the sugars and carbohydrates in the tofu are already metabolized to a great extent.”

Their full range includes a load of really unique tofus, ‘filets’ and cutlets, sausages, slices, the line of FETO fermented tofu products mentioned above and a ‘Mediterranean and specialities’ section. Their website features recipes too with some great ways to use their products. (image below from their website accompanies the FETO ratatouille recipe) I sincerely hope that if you haven’t tried Taifun’s tofu you head out and grab some because it really is something else.

1Image taken from, from the Recipes section – ‘FETO ratatouille’

I took so many photos, spoke with so many lovely people and tried out so many new vegan products that I’m almost dizzy thinking about it. I had a great time at the show, and hope in a small way I can give back by writing this, in the hope that this blog inspires a few people to go and check out some of these brands and what they have to offer.

Natural Organic Products Expo 2019 was a blast – a real opportunity for trade and media to mingle and work together. You could feel the show’s energy and could literally see partnerships being made right in front of your eyes. The event seemed very well organised and looked great from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. I really do recommend the show to anyone ready to take part as the opportunities to boost your brand awareness and distribution are both real and plentiful.

As this blog would have to be released as a novel if I’d managed to fit everyone in, I’ve uploaded all the photos I took that day (before the camera ran out of battery …) so do also have a look at that below. All the brands featured either in the slideshow or in this blog are also listed below so you can head straight over to their websites and check them out.

Natural Organic Products Expo 2019

Photographed brands:

Allure Organics
Bob's Red Mill
Borna Foods
CBL Natural Foods
Coconut Merchant
Creative Nature
Dandies Marshmallows
DF Fresh
English Tea Shop
Good Good
Happy Cheeze
Wat Water
Janda Food
Kinetic Enterprises
Metropolitan Tea Company
Mountain Tea Company
Rochester Drinks
Seed & Bean
The CoConut Company
The Raw Chocolate Company

So there we have it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed putting this together. For now though this is Pete, Vegfest Express news, signing out.


COMING SOON! We’re very excited to let you know that the Plant Powered Expo 2020 website will be ‘live’ from 1st May 2019 – be sure to pencil in the date in your diary! If you represent a brand and would like to learn more about marketing, sponsorship and stall space options at the show, please do send an email to for more information.


Get Involved! If you have a great Vegan news feed, blog, podcast or video channel that you’d like us to include your focus on in the site, then please just contact us at with details!

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