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VegfestUK Awards 2019 - Full Results

VegfestUK Awards 2019 - Full Results

| by Editor | Posted in Awards

VegfestUK hosted its own vegan Awards Ceremony on Saturday October 26th 2019 at VegfestUK London, with 19 awards trophies up for grabs after 3 weeks of voting online by the public which attracted around 6,800 votes.

The Awards, which celebrated its 13th year since its inception in 2007, promote the best vegan brands and groups in the UK market. In 2019 the Awards boasted altogether 19 categories with 10 nominees each and the nominee who gathered the most votes after the 3-week voting period was chosen to be the winner in their category.

There were also special awards presented to representatives from Viva! and The Vegan Society, two of the UK’s biggest vegan outreach groups who are celebrating their 25th and 75th birthdays respectively.

The Awards Ceremony was hosted by VegfestUK PR manager and VeggieVision founder Karin Ridgers.


Full Results

Best Vegan Clothing

Total number of votes cast: 2696 

Nominee Number of Votes
Viva La Vegan 573
Wear Your Voice 314
Plant Faced Clothing 263
THTC Clothing 231
New Spirit 185
Heartcure Clothing 182
Anticarnist 174
Generation-V 148
Alba Paris 110


Best Vegan Bags, Shoes and Accessories

Total number of votes cast: 2637

Nominee Number of Votes
Wills Vegan Shoes 496
Beyond Skin 467
Vegetarian Shoes 385
Lifestyle International 323
Luna Tree 319
Votch 182
Watson & Wolfe 169
Forage & Find 136
Paguro Upcycle 85
Unfold 75


Best Vegan Street Food

Total number of votes cast: 2657

Nominee Number of Votes
Simply Vegan 720
Happy Maki 382
Greek Vegan Deli 361
The Green Grill 299
En Root 254
Weirdoughs 207
PigOut 193
Chaatit 149
Brownins 69
St Best 23


Best Vegan Fragrances & Makeup

Total number of votes cast: 2388

Nominee Number of Votes
EDEN Perfumes 798
Beauty Without Cruelty 625
Honesty Cosmetics 241
Floral Street Fragrances 161
The EMJ Company 120
Miss Nella 98
Emani Vegan Cosmetics 90
Jecca Blac 66
Dolma Vegan Fragrances 64


Best Vegan "Meat"

Total number of votes cast: 2974

Nominee Number of Votes
Vivera 586
Fry's 495
No Bull 473
Oumph! 376
Gardein 296
VBites 226
LoveSeitan 213
Granovita 160
Upton's Naturals 92
Qwrkee Foods 57


Best Vegan "Cheese"

Total number of votes cast: 3282

Nominee Number of Votes
Violife 1203
Bute Island Foods 339
I Am Nut OK 334
Koko Dairy Free 281
Tyne Chease 276
Follow Your Heart 253
MozzaRisella 226
Daiya Foods 193
New Roots 150
Palace Culture 27


Best Vegan Candles

Total number of votes cast: 2225

Nominee Number of Votes
The York Candle Company 376
Mama Moon Candles 369
Harper's Candles 312
Otter Candle Co 228
Ohros 221
Calm Candles London 205
Avanti Candles 171
Hopping Hare Candles 154
Blues Designs 119
Plaristo of Rye 70


Best Vegan Snacks

Total number of votes cast: 3028

Nominee Number of Votes
Nakd Wholefoods 780
Vego Good Food GmbH 500
Moo Free Chocolates 490
Mummy Meagz 351
Eat Real Snacks 309
Rhythm108 194
Ananda's Round Up 123
Vive 95
Creative Nature 95
Perk!er 91


Best Vegan Ice Cream

Total number of votes cast: 2905

Nominee Number of Votes
Booja Booja 1163
The Coconut Collaborative 404
Coconuts Organic 272
Yorica! 201
Dappa 200
Perfect World 170
Fravocado 153
Beau's Ice Cream 130
Blue Skies 107
MiiRO 105


Best Vegan Ready Meal

Total number of votes cast: 2710

Nominee Number of Votes
White Rabbit Pizza Co 463
One Planet Pizza 443
Soulful Foods 402
Lazy Vegan 379
BOL Foods 263
Feed Me Vegan 233
Mr Nice Pie 207
Allplants 190
Vegan Pots 2 Go 81
Vegbred 49


Best Vegan Yoghurts & Desserts

Total number of votes cast: 2532

Nominee Number of Votes
The Vegan Cakery 774
Freaks of Nature 425
Ms. Cupcake 393
Co-yo 332
Vegan Sweet Tooth London 181
Little Bandits 126
Organic Livity 87
Norty 79
Redemption Bar - Key Lime Cheesecake 78
Frill 57


Best Vegan Alcoholic Drinks

Total number of votes cast: 2011

Nominee Number of Votes
Proudly Vegan Wines 354
The Organic Spirits Co. 318
Princess Prosecco 277
Small Beer Brew Co. 220
Mally’s Gin Bar 213
Aluna Coconut 157
Terra Organica 140
Little Valley Brewery 132
Dominion Brewery 113
Jubel 87


Best Vegan Superfoods & Supplements

Total number of votes cast: 2469

Nominee Number of Votes
Vivo Life 753
Veganicity 362
Vega 294
Raw Sport 251
Turmerix 178
Naturya 169
Terranova Nutrition 154
NaturesPlus 127
Aduna 98
SuperfoodLx 83


Best Vegan Skincare Products

Total number of votes cast: 2074

Nominee Number of Votes
Buddha Beauty 335
Hey Gorgeous 306
All Natural Me 283
Fit Pit Natural Deodorant 263
Happy Carrot Skincare 228
IUVO Skincare 178
Yaoh 158
FRUU cosmetics 135
UpCircle Beauty 104
NEEK Skin Organics Australia 84


Best Vegan Festival

Total number of votes cast: 2396

Nominee Number of Votes
Vegan Camp Out 616
Animal Aid Christmas Festival 394
Vegan Life Live 373
Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival 205
Vevolution 203
Northern Vegan Festival 140
Edinburgh Vegan Festival 128
Birmingham Viva! Vegan Festival 124
LABL Vegan Fair Liverpool 123
Irish Vegan Festival 90


Best Vegan Market

Total number of votes cast: 2198

Nominee Number of Votes
Portobello Vegan Night Market 506
Brixton Vegan Market 307
The Glasgow Vegan Markets 274
Surrey Vegan Markets 266
Exeter Vegan Market 224
Preston Vegan Market 142
St Albans Vegan Market 134
Frome Vegan Market 130
Dorchester Vegan Market 110
Vegan Market Bedford 105


Best Vegan Spreads, Dips and Sauces

Total number of votes cast: 2571

Nominee Number of Votes
Meridian Foods 719
Dipalicious 399
Free From Italy 313
Plamil Foods 207
Tideford Organics 177
Befries 167
Nutcessity 158
Encona Sauces 155
Bonanza Peanut Butter 151
Sesame Kingdom 125


Best Vegan Magazine

Total number of votes cast: 2204

Nominee Number of Votes
Vegan Life Magazine 598
PlantBased Magazine 268
Vegan Food and Living Magazine 266
Simply Vegan Magazine 263
VivaLife Magazine 208
Outrage Magazine 205
Vegan Living Magazine 148
The Vegan Magazine 111
The Hectic Vegan 100
Vilda Magazine 37


Best Vegan Restaurant

Total number of votes cast: 3086

Nominee Number of Votes
Indigo Greens 629
Purezza 616
Temple of Seitan 406
Make No Bones at Church 406
Rudy's Dirty Vegan Diner 253
V Rev Vegan Diner 224
Erpingham House 176
Koocha Mezze Bar 148
Hug and Pint 146
Atma 82



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